{IBPS} Bangalore Interview Experience Jan 2015

Interview experience: 19 January 2015, Morning Session, panel - 1 
Syndicate bank learning centre, bangalore.
Panel I- 8.30am
Document verification done by clerical staff 1 on 1 basis - 9.30am
, interview Starts at 10am
in panel there are 1 Lady, 5 Gentlemen
Greetings to all of them in opening of my career, was asked to take seat
M1 (Male): So Mayur, tell me about yourself and family in short within 2 minutes.
me: Explained
M1: You are a B.Tech graduate and worked in IT. Why did you opt for banking as career option now?
me: While working I realized that my motivation was to serve in government sector and specifically banking sector because I think banks are the building blocks of our economy or any country economy. We help people to stand on their feet, we help the business grow and also we help social causes.
M2 (Male): So you are from Belgaum, tell me something about your city.
me: Belgaum is famous for kunda, it is also called sugar bowl of karnataka due to favorable conditions for sugarcane growth, also the suvarna soudha assembly is established recently, so that makes it the second capital of karnataka
M3: Tell me something about swachha bharat abhiyan
me: Explained
M3: If you are posted in some place , what role would you play as a banker?
me: Will provide loans for sanitation projects
M3: Good
M4: You have done engineering in communications, tell me what is GPS
me: Explained. 
M4: What is GPRS?
me: Explained
M4: Good
M4: Recently, there is decrease in global fuel prices, what is the reason?
me: Sir, this is in competition to USA and the aim for reduction is to make the production of Shale gas economically unviable.
M4: Good. This is the main reasons, apart from that there are some other reasons too. It is also about demand and supply, can you think?
me: Sir, they have increased the supply and i think thats profitable to them as emerging economies are ever demanding in fossil fuels
M4: Actually the demand has decreased, due to other forms of energy in USA. So they want to supply more to encourage them to buy more by reduced prices.
me: Kept saying ok as he explained.
M5: What is banking?
me: Business of lending money and accepting deposits from the public. Primary motive is profit, but apart from that, social initiatives is also a major role
M5: what is profits?
me: Interests earned by the bank on loans , and also through government securities, treasury bills
M3: You have mentioned only about interests earned on money, but apart from that, is there any other activity which banks do?
me: Insurance is one sector where banks are pioneering, RBI has also been liberal to banks recently to increase insurance penetration.
M5: Good
Lady: What are the different types of deposits in bank?
me: Current account, savings account, FD, RD. Current Ac are for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Savings are general public. Banks don't pay interest in Current account. In savings accounts, operating cost is not so high, so banks pay interest to depositors. FD are where we park money for a certain period and interest in given on maturity
M2: Do you know to read, write and speak kannada?
me: I can read and speak fluently, but not so fluent in writing. I can write a few letters. Even though my mother tongue is kannada, I have done my entire education in maharashtra so I am not so fluent at it.
M4: In form you have not mentioned hindi, are you not comfortable?
 If you are posted to northern states, how will you manage?
me: Sir ,In the form there was option for only 3 languages so i filled up english, marathi and kannada. But I am fluent in hindi, so I am comfortable anywhere
M1: You resigned 2 years back, so what were you doing till now?
me: I was preparing for various competitive exams.
M1: Like? 
me: All bank exams, SSC, UPSC
M1: Is this your first interview or attended any other?
me: Attended SBI clerical.
M1: Results?
me: Not yet declared
M1: what was you score there?
me: Sir they didnt disclose
M1: What about scores in IBPS PO
me: Sir, that too is not disclosed
M4: Cut off is 80 right?
me: Yes sir.
They look at each other and say thats all, thank you
They offer me a mango bite and said dont be nervous, be comfortable. I accepted and said thanks
They wished all the best . I said thanks to all members once again and walk out of the room. 
Hope this gives some input to you fellow candidates.

Wish you all the best for your interviews!!!


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Current Affairs 14 Jan for Bank SSC UPSC LIC NIA

Ques. : 1   What are the investment targets set by the govt for the central govt, states/ UTs and private sector respectively under Swachh Bharat Mission in urban areas?
1) Rs 4,874 cr, Rs 14,623 cr, Rs 42,512 cr2) Rs 14,623 cr, Rs 4,874 cr, Rs 42,512 cr
3) Rs 42,512 cr, Rs 4,874 cr, Rs 14,623 cr4) Rs 42,512 cr, Rs 14,623 cr, Rs 4,874 cr
5) None of theseAns.) 2
Ques. : 2   The NATO and the US have officially ended their 13 year combat mission in Afghanistan. Now, the two will begin a new mission there called
1) Resolute Support2) Desert Fox
3) Rational Support4) Passive Support
5) None of theseAns.) 1
Ques. : 3   According to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) methodology and classification, the size of the shadow banking sector in India is estimated to be around $190 bn, which is the _____ largest in the world.
1) 2nd2) 3rd
3) 5th4) 10th
5) 15thAns.) 5
Ques. : 4   Which of the following financial institutions (FIs) does not come under the full-fledged regulation and supervision of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
1) Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)2) National Housing Bank (NHB)
3) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)4) Export Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank)
5) None of theseAns.) 5
Ques. : 5   Who among the following has been voted world’s No. 1 footballer in the top 100 footballers' list of ‘The Guardian’ revealed recently?
1) Cristiano Ronaldo2) Lionel Messi
3) Wayne Rooney4) Gareth Bale
5) None of theseAns.) 1
Ques. : 6   According to the Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, inflows of FDI into India rose by about 25 per cent to _____in the Apr-Oct period of the current fiscal.
1) USD 13.82 bn2) USD 17.35 bn
3) USD 19.32 bn4) USD 21.53 bn
5) None of theseAns.) 2
Ques. : 7   The Singapore-bound Flight QZ8501, which crashed into Java Sea on 28 Dec after taking off from Surabaya, Indonesia, belonged to
1) Lufthansa2) AirAsia
3) Qatar Airways4) Vistara
5) Singapore AirlinesAns.) 2
Ques. : 8   Mahendra Singh Dhoni on 30 Dec announced his retirement from ________with immediate effect.
1) Twenty202) One-Day Internationals
3) Test cricket4) All forms of cricket
5) None of theseAns.) 3
Ques. : 9   The finance ministry has decided not to extend excise duty cuts on automobiles beyond Dec 31. The previous govt has reduced the excise duty on small cars, scooters, motorcycles and commercial vehicles from 12 per cent to
1) six per cent2) eight per cent
3) nine per cent4) 10 per cent
5) None of theseAns.) 2
Ques. : 10   The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has formed a dedicated panel for introducing safety features in new vehicles under ‘Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Programme’ which will be voluntary from Oct 2017 and mandatory by
1) Oct 20182) Oct 2019
3) Oct 20204) Oct 2022
5) None of theseAns.) 3
Ques. : 11   Who among the following has been appointed Managing Director and CEO of the Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)?
1) P Srinivas2) Kishore Kumar Sansi
3) Animesh Chauhan4) R Koteeswaran
5) None of theseAns.) 4
Ques. : 12   The govt set up which of the following institutions to replace Planning Commission on New Year’s Day?
1) NITI Aayog2) NITI Vibhag
3) NITI Samiti4) NITI Parisad
5) None of theseAns.) 1
Ques. : 13   Who among the following will chair the institution which is all set to replace the Planning Commission?
1) Prime Minister2) Finance Minister
3) Person Appointed by the PM4) RBI Governor
5) None of theseAns.) 1
Ques. : 14   The govt has ushered in reforms related to public sector banks. Which of the following is/are correct in this regard?
1) The posts of Chairman and Managing Director have been split.2) The PSU banks will have a non-Executive Chairman, giving operational responsibility to MD and CEO.
3) The current structure at country's largest lender State Bank of India which is headed by a Chairman and assisted by several Managing Directors, will continue.4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 2)Ans.) 4
Ques. : 15   The Union finance ministry is confident of meeting the target of reining in the central govt’s fiscal deficit. The fiscal deficit target has been set at what per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the current fiscal?
1) 5.5 per cent2) 5.1 Per cent
3) 4.6 per cent4) 4.1 per cent
5) None of theseAns.) 4
Ques. : 16   The Ramon Magsaysay award winner BG Verghese passed away recently. He was a noted
1) novelist2) environmentalist
3) journalist4) film critic
5) None of theseAns.) 3
Ques. : 17   The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a mobile application of Delhi Police that will allow women to send a distress call to Police Control Room (PCR) and their relatives in case of any emergency. What is the name of the app?
1) Samarth2) Himmat
3) Sahas4) Shakti
5) None of theseAns.) 2
Ques. : 18   Who among the following has been appointed Managing Director and CEO of the Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)?
1) P Srinivas2) Kishore Kumar Sansi
3) Animesh Chauhan4) R Koteeswaran
5) None of theseAns.) 3
Ques. : 19   Who among the following has been appointed Managing Director and CEO of the Vijaya Bank?
1) P Srinivas2) Kishore Kumar Sansi
3) Animesh Chauhan4) R Koteeswaran
5) None of theseAns.) 2
Ques. : 20   Who among the following has been appointed Managing Director and CEO of the United Bank of India?
1) P Srinivas2) Kishore Kumar Sansi
3) Animesh Chauhan4) R Koteeswaran
5) None of theseAns.) 1

[NIACL] Questions with answers Both shifts 11 Jan 2015

Some of the GK questions asked in today's Session
  • What does A stands for in WMA - Advance
  • noble prize literature award - Patrick Modiano
  • canada capital -Ottawa
  • oman currancy - Riyal
  • What is the full form of Nbfc - Non Banking Financial Company
  • International Mountain day - 11th January
  • Ritu rani belongs to which sports? - Hockey
  • Nalanda university is in which state? - Bihar
  • Who is the Union Minister of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Sanitation & Drinking Water? - Ch. Birender Singh
  • Who were the first siblings to scale seven tallest peaks in 7 continents? -Tashi, Nungshi Malik
  • Who was the 14th PM of India?- Dr. Manmohan Singh
  • Dramatic decade written by? - Dr. Pranab Mukherjee
  • Which is the Largest river after Ganga in India - Godavari
  • Who enjoys majority shares in UIICL

Current Affairs - General Awareness Questions 12 Jan

Ques. : 1   The DRS system is associated with which of the following games? The Indian sports body of the concerned sport has been opposing the system since its inception?
1) Cricket2) Boxing
3) Football4) Hockey
5) None of theseAns.) 1
Ques. : 2   The direct benefit transfer scheme of which of the following countries became the largest direct benefit transfer scheme recently with more than 2.5 cr beneficiaries?
1) China2) Brazil
3) India4) Indonesia
5) MexicoAns.) 3
Ques. : 3   Which of the following terms is NOT associated with banking/finance?
1) OFS2) FPO
5) None of theseAns.) 5
Ques. : 4   Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, who was granted bail and later rearrested by Pakistan under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO), is wanted in India in connection of
1) 2001 Parliament attacks2) 2000 Red Fort attacks
3) 2002 Akshardham Temple attacks4) 2008 Mumbai attacks
5) None of theseAns.) 4
Ques. : 5   Which of the following three countries are preparing to sign an intelligence-sharing agreement which will be strictly limited to the North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes?
1) The US, Vietnam and South Korea2) The US, Malaysia and South Korea
3) The US, Indonesia and South Korea4) The US, Japan and South Korea
5) None of theseAns.) 4
Ques. : 6   For the first time in history, the BJP now has more state legislators (MLAs) than any other party in the country. What is the total number of MLAs of BJP across the country as in Dec 2014?
1) 9492) 1058
3) 11694) 1270
5) None of theseAns.) 2
Ques. : 7   Satya Nadella, who visited India and met PM Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley and Ravi Shankar Prasad recently, is the current global CEO of
1) Google2) Microsoft
3) Oracle4) IBM
5) AppleAns.) 2
Ques. : 8   India has announced what amount as contribution to the Tsunami Trust Fund of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)?
1) USD 1 mn2) USD 1.2 mn
3) USD 1.8 mn4) USD 2 mn
5) USD 2.3 mnAns.) 1
Ques. : 9   What is the investment target set by the govt from the private sector under Swachh Bharat Mission in urban areas?
1) Rs 4,874 cr2) Rs 14,623 cr
3) Rs 42,512 cr4) Rs 62,009 cr
5) None of theseAns.) 3
Ques. : 10   The DRDO’s Panchi had its maiden flight on Dec 24 from an airfield at Kolar in Karnataka. Panchi is a
1) basic trainer aircraft2) advanced trainer aircraft
3) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)4) military transport aircraft
5) None of theseAns.) 3

[NIACL] AO Question Asked in exam on 10-01-2015 Both Shift ( Based on memory)

Bankers Guru: Question asked in NIACL AO Exam 10-01-2015 Both Shift ( Based on memory)

  • Majority of shares in UIIC?

  • Khajurao is situated at? MP

  • UN Food Program Headquarter? - Rome, Italy

  • Indira gandhi peace prize 2014? - ISRO

  • Hockey championship runner up? Pakistan

  • BRICS Bank Headquarters - Shanghai, China

  • FAO Headquarters - Italy, Rome

  • French Republic Currency - Euro

  • Antodya Diwas - 25th September

  • PWD Day - Dec 3

  • Pillars of BASEL - II - Market Discipline

  • IRDA is what type of regulatory body? 
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