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{Digital India} How to upload and use documents in my Digital Locker? DigiLocker-Digital Revolution

A digital revolution in India took place where Digilocker- Digital Locker launched by Government of India Officially. 

There is always a risk of loss or physical damage to your documents. It is important that you organise all your important papers at one place like Digital Locker. 

Government of India just launched a free digital vault service, Digilocker, which lets you store such sensitive data safely. 

‪#‎DigiLocker‬ initiative which is part of ‪#‎DigitalIndia‬ has already got

Financial Education Project Financial Literacy

To increases financial services in the country financial education is given out to people in different forms.In this post we will discuss Regarding information for Central Bank + general Banking Concepts.

Financial Services Helpful for Various target groups of the country citizens.
  • Schools and college going children.
  • Women
  • Rural and urban Poor
  • Defence personals  
  • Senior Citizens

This project is basically has been design to be implemented under two modules 

[IES] 2015 Answer key, Cutoff, Papers with solutions Indian Engineering Service

IES Exams General Ability 2015 Question paper solution is uploaded Please check and share your score in comment section where this post ends. You can also bookmark this page for your future reference and more updation on consolidated answer keys for Indian Engineering Service Examination conducted by UPSC annually on process.

Answer key for IES 2015 by different Coaching institutes concatenated at one place i.e. UPSC-Exams only.

Paper 1 - General Ability Test 

You can also save image and zoom by click on it. 

Made Easy - Click me to download PDF

Ace Academy - 

Paper 2 - Objective Paper 

For different engineering branch 

Electronics Engineering - Made Easy Key
Mechanical Engineering - Key from Made Easy
Civil Engineering - Download made easy key 
Electrical Engineering - Made Easy Key Download 

Paper 3 - Objective Paper 

For different engineering branch 
Electronics Engineering - Key from Made Easy
Mechanical Engineering - Made Easy Key
Civil Engineering - Download Made Easy Key
Electrical Engineering - Made Easy Key Download 

Paper 4 - Conventional Paper 

For different engineering branch
Electrical Engineering - 
Mechanical Engineering - 
Civil Engineering - 
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering - 

Paper 5 - Conventional Paper

For different engineering branch
Electrical Engineering - 
Mechanical Engineering - 
Civil Engineering - 
Electronics and communication Engineering - 

As this page for Indian Engineering Service will be updated on priority basis with regular interval of time by you people for you people only. Feel free to discuss any thing or recommend your valuable suggestions and changes in comment section below for Indian Engineering Service.

Reliability and Validity of measuring Instrument and its Importance

Reliability :  Reliability means consistency with which the instrument yields similar results. 

Validity : Validity is the ability of a measuring instrument to actually measure what it claim to measure.  

These are basic concept of reliability and Validity.

[LMRCL] Previous year exam papers Lucknow Metro Rail


LMRCL Recruitment - Lucknow Metro Rail 2015
This thread is for those preparing for Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Limited (LMRCL) Recruitment Exam - 2015.

Project Monitoring and its Indicators with smart indicators

Monitoring is the regular observation and recording of activities taking place in a project or a programme. Project Monitoring is a process of routinely gathering information on all aspects of the project. 

What do you mean by monitoring of projects? Explain different types of monitoring indicators. 

Project appraisal, Performance management tool : Project and Programmes, appraisal of a Project

Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programmes 

Various criteria for project appraisal, discounting and non- discounting techniques of project appraisal can be discussed. but lets starts with basics where many people are uncertain about the diffidence between a project and a programme.

Urban heat island effect

Urban heat island effect?

An urban heat island is the name given to describe the characteristic warmth of both the atmosphere and surfaces in cities (urban areas) compared to their (non-urbanized) surroundings. The heat island is an example of unintentional climate modification when urbanization changes the characteristics of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

Causes of Urban Heat Island:

Urban Clutter-Reasons, Solutions, Need, Development


  • What is Urban Clutter?
  • Reasons for Urban Clutter
  • Solutions for Urban Clutter 
  • 100 Smart Cities of India 
What is Urban Clutter?

The problem faced by urban cities can be come under urban clutter.

Online UPSC IAS CSE 2015 Exam Notification Complete Details

UPSC Civil Service 2015 Notification is Out, No change in syllabus, Aptitude Qualifying, 1129 vacancies

To apply for UPSC Exam 2015 Online  : UPSCONLINE.NIC.IN 

The online Applications can be filled up to 19th June, 2015 till 11:59 PM after which the link will be disabled.

UPSC Notification 2015 Application

Commission Website : UPSC.GOV.IN 

UPSC 2015 Prelims Date : 23rd August 2015 (Sunday) 

Total Vacancies in UPSC 2015 : 1129 

Eligibility Conditions :

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