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Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-|| (Exec) Examination 2015

There are 100 Q. comes and 3 essays out of which 1 essay have to be done. 

Part-2 (English Language )

Write an essay in English language only on any one of the following topics in not more than 400 words. 

  1. India's Space Programme
  2. Cause of Corruption in India
  3. How to deal with Left Wing Extremism 
Part 1 there was 100 objective type Q. which having 4 options in which only one is correct. for Q. and more like that information see our Facebook page UPSC Exams Helper and for whole list of 100 Q see below. 

Q.1 Where are Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Indira Gandhi Centre Atomic Research and Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Centre respectively located?
(i) Hyderabad, Tarapur and Sriharikota
(ii) chennai, Tarapur and Thiruvanantpuram
(iii) Hyderabad , Kalpakkam and Thiruvanantpuram
(iv) Chennai, Tarapur and Sriharikota ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 42)

Prevoius Question No.2 ANS:- (iv) Egypt, France and Syria

Q.2  Mohammed Morsi, Fracois Hollande and Bashar al-Assad are the current Presidents respectively of which countries?
(i) Jordon, Germany and Syria
(ii)Egypt, Canada and Iraq
(iii) Qatar, France and Lebanon
(iv) Egypt, France and Syria ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 41)

Prevoius Question No.3 ANS:- (ii) 9 watt/metre

Q.3 What is the present permissible power density value for mobile towers operating at 1800 MHz?
(i) 4.5 watt/metre
(ii) 9 watt/metre
(iii) 13.5 watt/metre
(iv) 18 watt/metre ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 40)

Prevoius Question No.4 ANS:- (ii) Huawei

Q.4. Which of the following companies is posing a stiff competition to Sweden's Ericsson to become the world's largest telecom equipment manufacturer?
(ii) Huawei
(iii) Nokia
(iv) Panasonic ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 39)

Prevoius Question No.5 ANS:- (iV) Rs 2 lakh

Q.5. SEBI has decided to introduce "Basic Services Demat Account"(BSDA), What is the maximum value of securities in a BSDA at any point of time?
(i) Rs 5 lakh
(ii) Rs 4 lakh
(iii) Rs 3 lakh
(iv) Rs 2 lakh ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 38)

Prevoius Question No.6 ANS:- (i) Afghanistan

Q.6. Which country's lower house of Parliament is known as Wolesi Jirga?
(i) Afghanistan
(ii) Bangladesh
(iii) Pakistan
(iv) Iran ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 37)

Prevoius Question No7  ANS:- (ii) World Habitat Day

Q.7. How do you observe every year the first Monday of October?
(i) Environment Day
(ii) World Habitat Day
(iii) World Diabetes Day
(iv) UNO Day ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 36)

Prevoius Question No.8  ANS:- (ii) Iraq

Q.8.Why was CERN, the largest particle physic laboratory located near Geneva in news recently?
(i) For discovery of Neutrino, a new subatomic particle
(ii) For discovering Higgs Boson, a new subatomic particle.
(iii) Because of differences among the member nations over finance liabilities.
(iv) Major breakdown in the laboratory ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 33)

Prevoius Question No.9 ANS:- (iii) INS Arihant

Q.9. What is the name of India's first indigenously developed nuclear submarine?
(i) INS Sindhughosh 
(ii) K 15
(iii) INS Arihant 
(iv) INS Vikramditya ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 32)

Prevoius Question No.10 ANS:- (4) lakshya 2

Q.10. India's DRDO has developed a pilotless target aircraft what is its name?
(1) Taijas
(2) Nag
(3) Agni III
(4) Lakshya 2 ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 31)

Prevoius Question No.11 ANS:- (3) Ecuador

Q.11. Which country announced in August 2012 its decision to grant political asylum to the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
(1) Great Britain
(2) China
(3) Ecuador
(4) Belgium ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 30)

Prevoius Question No.12 ANS:- (2) Gagan Narang(shooting) and Saina Nehwal(Badminton)

Q.12. Who have been selected for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2012?
(1) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore(shooting) and Baichung Bhutia(Football)
(2) Gagan Narang(shooting) and Saina Nehwal(Badminton)
(3) Vijay Kr(shooting) and Yogeshwar Dutt(Wrestling)
(4) Mary Kom(Boxing) and Vishwanathan Anand(Chess) ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 29)

Prevoius Question No.13 ANS:- (4) Usain Bolt

Q.13. Who won the Gold medal in 100 metres race in london olympics 2012?
(1) Justin Gatlin
(2) Yohan Black
(3) Tyson Gay
(4) Usain Bolt ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 28)

Prevoius Question No.14 ANS:- (2) China

Q.14. In London Olympic Games 2012, which country won the highest number of medals?
(1) Great Britain
(2) China
(3) Republic of Korea
(4) United State of America ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 27)

Prevoius Question No.15 ANS:- (4) SLV -III

Q.15 Indian's Mars Orbiter Mission is likely to be launched in November 2013. What kind of rocket will be used by ISRO for this mission
(1) Geo Synchronous Launch Vehicle
(2) Agni III
(3) Extended Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
(4) SLV -III ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 26)

Prevoius Question No.16 ANS:- (2) Gale Crater

Q.16. Where did NASA's land rover Curiosity landed on Mars on August 5/6, 2012?
(1) Sea of Tranquility
(2) Gale Crater
(3) Fast Mountain
(4) Rover Desert ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 25)

Prevoius Question No.17 ANS:- (3) 45

Q.17. One term in the following number series is not correct. 15,16, 22, 29, 45, 70 Find out the wrong term?
(1) 16
(2) 22
(3) 45
(4) 70 ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 23)

Prevoius Question No.18 ANS:- (2) Tuesday

Q.18. If it was saturday on 17th December, 1982 what will be the day on 22nd December, 1984
(1) Monday
(2) Tuesday
(3) Wednesday
(4) Sunday ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 22)

Prevoius Question No.19 ANS:- (1) South- West

Q.19. Aman is facing west. He turns 45 degree in the clockwise direction and then another 180 degree in the same direction and then 270 degree in the anticlockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now? 
(1) South- West
(2) South
(3) North-West
(4) West ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 21)

Prevoius Question No.20 ANS:- (3) Grandfather

Q.20. Rahul's mother is the only daughter of Monika's father. How is Monika's husband related to Rahul?
(1) Uncle
(2) Father
(3) Grandfather
(4) Brother ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 20)

Prevoius Question No.21 ANS:- (1) GNTRD

Q.21. if under a certain code the word CARROM is written as BZQQNL, which word will be coded as HOUSE?
(4) GPTID ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 19)

Prevoius Question No.22 ANS:- (2) APLCZZ

Q.22. if in a coded language MADRAS is written as LBCSZT, how would BOMBAY be written?
(4) CQOCBX ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 18)

Prevoius Question No.23 ANS:- (4) Vivekananad

Q.23. who established Ramkrishna Mission?
(1) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(2) Shivanand
(3) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
(4) Vivekananad ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 17)

Prevoius Question No.24 ANS:- (1) 12

Q.24. what is the total number of Zodiac constellations ( Nakshatra) in indian astrology?
(1) 12
(2) 15
(3) 18
(4) 27 ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 16)

Rest of Q. is in Next post  IB EXAM PAPER 2012 SOLVED

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