Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-|| (Exec) Examination 2012

27-1. What is Wakhan Corridor?

(i) North Eastern extremity of Afghanistan
(ii) Part of the border between India and China in Ladakh region
(iii) A passage between Iran and Afghanistan
(iv)Narrow strip joining Bangladesh with Myanmar ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 43)

Prevoius Question No.1 ANS:- (iii) Hyderabad , Kalpakkam and Thiruvanantpuram -->See that Post

27-2. What does NSAB stand for in Indian context?
(i) National Society for Animal Breeders
(ii)National Support Activity for Bhutan
(iii) National Spiritual Assembly of Buddhists
(iv)National Security Advisory Board ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 44)

Prevoius Question No.27-1 ANS:- (i) North Eastern extremity of Afghanistan

27-3. What is the significance of Ozone layer in atmosphere?

(i) It maintains the cycle of seasons
(ii) It causes timely arrival of Monsoon
(iii)It filers the ultraviolet rays of the sun
(iv) It prevents the global warming ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 45)

Prevoius Question No.27-2 ANS:- (iv)National Security Advisory Board

27-4. Which business house has promoted Essar group of companies?

(i) Ruias
(ii) Ambanis
(iii) Goenkas
(iv) Kanorias ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 46)

Prevoius Question No.27-3 ANS:- (iii)It filers the ultraviolet rays of the sun

27-5. In which country IS the headquarters of Nestle company located?

(i) Sweden
(ii) Switzerland
(iv) Netherlands ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 47)

Prevoius Question No.27-4 ANS:-(i) Ruias

27-6. Which family owns the Hero group of Companies in India?

(i) Hindujas
(ii) Firodias
(iii) Munjals
(iv) Mansingh ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 48)

Prevoius Question No.27-5 ANS:-(ii) Switzerland

27-7. Where is Titicaca , the highest lake in the world, located?

(i) Russia and Central Asian countries
(ii) US and Canada border
(iii) South Africa
(iv) Peru and Bolivia border ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 49)

Prevoius Question No.27-6 ANS:-(iii) Munjals

27-8. At which point of Earth there is no gravity?

(i) At North and South Pole
(ii) At equator
(iii) On the ocean surface
(iv) At centre of the Earth ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 50)

Prevoius Question No.27-7 ANS:-(iv) Peru and Bolivia border

27-9. What is the main Chemical component of Vinegar?

(i)Acetic acid
(ii) Citric Acid
(iii) Tartaric acid
(iv)Nitric acid ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 51)

Prevoius Question No.27-8 ANS:-(iv) At centre of the Earth

27-10. Which gas is released from paddy fields?
(i) Carbon dioxide
(ii) Methane
(iii) Ammonia 
(iv)Hydrogen Sulphide ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 52)

Prevoius Question No.27-9 ANS:-(i)Acetic acid

27-11. Which of these is not a micronutrient essential for plant growth and health?
(i) Manganese
(ii) Iodine
(iii) Boron
(iv) Zinc ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 53)

Prevoius Question No.27-10 ANS:-(ii) Methane

27-12. Who among the following four is the odd man out?
(i) Abanindranath Tagore
(ii) J S Swaminathan
(iii) Akbar Padamsee
(iv)Javed Ahhtar ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 54)

Prevoius Question No.27-11 ANS:-(i) Manganese

27-13. In the last one decade, which among the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows into India?
(i) Computer hardware and software
(ii) Services sector
(iii) Automobile sector
(iv)Telecommunication ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 55)

Prevoius Question No.27-12 ANS:-(ii) J S Swaminathan

27-14. What is the estimated size of Indian economy for 2012-13 (GDP in US Dollars).
(i) one trillion
(ii) two trillion
(iii) three trillion
(iv) four trillion ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 56)

Prevoius Question No.27-13 ANS:-(ii) Services sector

27-15. What percentage of India's GDP in 2011-12 was contributed by Agriculture and allied sectors.
(i) 20%
(ii) 14%
(iii) 54%
(iv) 34% ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 57)

Prevoius Question No.27-14 ANS:-(ii) two trillion

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