MHA IB-2015 Fully solved Exam paper

More Previous Q. Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-|| (Exec) Examination 2012

28-1. What was India's crude import bill (in US Dollars) in 2011.12 and its percentile share to total imports?
(i) $150 billion, 32%
(ii) $56 billion, 26%
(iii) $475 billions, 80%
(iv) $250 billion,51% ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 58)

Previous Question No.27-15 ANS:-(ii) 14%

28-2. In which country is the Great Victoria Desert located?
(i) Namibia
(ii) Argentina
(iii) Mongolia
(iv)Australia ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 59)

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Previous Question No.28-1 ANS:-(i) $150 billion, 32%

28-3. Which of the following is not caused by movement of tectonic plates?
(i) Earthquakes 
(ii) Volcanic eruptions
(iii) Ocean current
(iv) Oceanic trench formation ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 60)

Previous Question No.28-2 ANS:-(iv)Australia

28-4. Which of the following is not a "greenhouse gas"(GHG)?
(i) Oxygen
(ii) Carbon dioxide
(iii) Water vapour
(iii)Methane ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 61)

Previous Question No.28-3 ANS:-(iii) Ocean current

28-5. Which of the following is the basic structural and functional unit of a kidney?
(i) Lymphocyte
(ii) Nephron
(iii) Lobule
(iv) Neuron ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 62)

Previous Question No.28-4 ANS:-(i) Oxygen

28-6. German Silver is an alloy of?
(i) Copper, Zinc and Nickel.
(ii) Silver, Copper and Carbon
(iii) Silver, Zinc and Aluminium
(iv) Aluminium, Zinc and Cobalt ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 63)

Previous Question No.28-5 ANS:-(ii) Nephron

28-7. Which of the following substances is most commonly used for cloud seeding (artificial rains)?
(i) Magnesium hydroxide
(ii) Potassium Chloride
(iii) Silver iodide
(iv) Zinc Sulphate ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 64)

Previous Question No.28-6 ANS:-(i) Copper, Zinc and Nickel.

28-8. A Theodolite is used for measuring
(i) oceanic temperature variation
(ii) celestial distances
(iii) river water flow
(iv) angles in horizontal and vertical planes ( IB ACIO-2012 Question 65)

Previous Question No.28-7 ANS:-(iii) Silver iodide

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