[General English] tips for Competitive exams Vocabulary, Grammar and Comprehension: Strategy, Books and tips

Usually in any competitive exam in current scenario there must be a section of English i.e Verbal. 
In these exam there are of 50 Question in English section. it basically subdivided into 3 sections  

 1.  Vocabulary

  • Antonym 
  • Synonyms
  • Idioms and phrases 
  • one word substitute
  • fill in the blanks (single sentence, or simple paragraph which look huge)

 2.   Grammar

  • Sentence correction 
  • Sentence improvement 
  • Active passive 
  • Direct indirect 

 3.   Comprehension 

  • Comprehension 
  • Sentence Arrangement 


Vocabulary is a critical importance part in any competitive exam because of following reasons:

  1. There are direct questions on antonyms, synonyms,  idioms and phrases.
  2. You can read the passage(comprehension) faster, if your vocabulary is good, else you’ll have to pause and think.
  3. In comprehension passages, there are some questions in the format of  “what is the meaning of ABC word in the following sentence?”
Spend some time on these websites Vocabulary.com , MnemonicDictionary.com

How can i take care of Grammar?
This is no-excuse topic. WE usually ignore this part as considering it as its too low for me. keep a side your ego and study. 

"First of all you need to know the grammar rules. But you don’t need to know all grammar rules! "

Because in any competitive exam, sentence correction relies on certain type of specific mistakes only.

Increase Comprehension speed and Sentence Arrangement 

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Solve them from previous year papers.