{RBI} Question Paper with solution for Officer

These are the question asked in the RBI 2013 exam

3.HEAD QUARTERS OF ICSID ? -- Washington D.C.
4.WHO WILL GUARANTEE THE CURRENCY ON currency note ? -- RBI Governor 
5.iifa film awards (best actress) -- Vidya Balan
6.wimbeldon 2013 womens single winner -- Maion Bartoli
7.for indians who were in Gulf, some scheme has implemented what is that ? -- Pravasi
8.prime ministers finance council adviser ? -- C. Rangarajan
9.NBFC are regulated by ? -- RBI
10.question on definition of white label atm by TATA grp
11.governor of meghalaya ? -- K.K.Pual
12.question on deflation
13.Govt banned RTI ACT in which state ?
14.Who prepares the expenditure incurred by Govt ? -- CCI
15.recent Economic summit in ASIA was held in which country ? In options there were two asian countries :-- .bangladesh
16.samsung,lg belongs to which country ? -- Korean Company
17. who wrote the book "winds of change" ? -- Filzgreald
18.satyam, shivam, sundaram is amblem of which channel ? -- DD national 
19. who appoints solicitor general of india ? -- President 
20. BMEC project related question ?

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