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{SAIL} Management Trainee exam Questions, Solutions, Details, Books, etc. - स्टील अथॉरिटी ऑफ इंडिया मैनेजमेंट ट्रेनी परीक्षा प्रश्न

Sail India previous year Questions with Solutions in detail and experience about sail MT examination. 
Click me to see {SSC} Prasar Bharti Engineering Assistant and Technician, Paper Pattern, Syllabus, Books etc.

For this year SAIL-MT Questions with Solution.  

Sail Management Trainee (Technical) or Management Trainee (Administration ) today Sunday 14th July 2013 exam occurs.

it was 2:30 hr exam. with 2 parts of 75 mins each without any break.
reporting time for the exam is 9:00 actually even the gate of the center open at 9:15.
I reached with a haste @ 9:25 there was a queue outside the gate to enter for the examination. Me too stand in that then.
on seat 9:30.
BUZZER RING at 9:40. invigilator distributed the OMR sheet. filled in a minute.

9:50 BUZZER RING invigilator now gave us question paper for filling its series no. in OMR sheet.

10:00 BUZZER RING paper starts. It says entry will be closed at 9:30 but suddenly one of the guy enter in a hassle.

It's quite impossible to recall all the Questions, but I will try my best to share most of them.. some are which I am able to recollect and others shared by on social media platforms.

For a solution see the comment section below as it took some time to search out all the questions solution now. as they are come up with time I will update here on the page. How was your exam? Please discuss via a comment below. 


  1. A pulse having a rise time of 40ns is passed through a dc amplifier with a bandwidth of 12 mHz. The rise time of the pulse at the output of the amplifier equals to?
  1. stress-strain diagram for tensile and comprehensive loading??
  2. enthalpy drop in impulse turbine takes place in ???



  1. The efficiency of A and B is in ratio 5:7. If both together can finish the same work in 15 days then in how many days A can finish this work alone.


  1. Hitler racism was inspired by -- Darwin (doubt)
  2. Shoe respect rule -- Dalhousie
  3. Gandhi Sagar Dam -- M.P.
  4. Ground nut largest producer --Gujarat 
  5. Unitary form of govt. -- 
  6. country which share federal govt --- India 
  7. In 1st world war which country did not participate -- Spain
  8. "Karla" caves located -- Maharashtra 
  9. Poorna Swaraj session took place at -- Lahore 
  10. world food prize'12 -- Daniel Hillel
  11. Senior security advisor appointed on dec'12 -- K Vijay Kumar
  12. Sahitya Academi awards --
  13. Alaknanda & ganga combine at -- Devpryag 
  14. who started slave dynasty -- Qutub din aibak
  15. X-rays -- Wilhelm Röntgen
  16. which soil is called regur soil? -- Black soil
  17. The first law of cricket were framed in(a)1700 (b) 1744 (c) 1788 (d) 1774
  18. supervision on formal loan: RBI
  19. "AAM KE PATTE" -- Ram Adarsh Mishra
  20. Ford motor partner ship with which company? -- M&M (Mahindra & Mahindra)
  21. Frankfurt session -- 
  22. Aman Sethi got reward for which creation? -- A Free Man
  23. Volcanic Mountain St. Helen is located in which country? -- U.S. 
  24. what is an AGNI? -- Missile 
  25. Monument build to welcome George V.? -- gateway of India

All 25 question you can see is came in the exam. 

In HR paper 

1.first women president of the congress ? 
2.nalanda flourished under?
3.first university in India
4.Nine-degree east canal?
5.Some ques tat connected India ocean and red sea
6.sahitya Akademi award 2012 for Bengali literature??
7. who is the father of youth? 
8.World refugee day?
9.kerry parker is associated with

  • ques related 2 labour laws

For more general studies question for the sail, exam clicks me.


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Admin Paper

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Prepared well use book recommend and comments below.


  1. great job you put almost all the Questions of today sail examination. Great job buddy.

  2. Good you uploaded the question on 14th july exam day itself.. it will help a lot of future aspirants.

  3. the paper is soo much lengthy.. mere to paseene choot gaye..

  4. federal is not INDIA its SWITZERLAND.... hint FEDERAL BANK...is frm switzerland itself.... unitary is FRANCE .....as rest are BICAMERAL...

  5. my exam goes well. but english section is strange they ask us to put. A/The/An/about/into..etc in the blanks. i done all the English question but not sure if they are correct or not.

    1. yes they ask for Question on prepositions. you can see new post here. http://upsc-exams.blogspot.com/2013/07/general-english-for-competitive-exams.html

  6. how many questons are repeated this time. or all the question came are new one from the last time exams?

  7. Sail MT 2013 ka result kab aayega? when do we expect sail MT 2013 result?

  8. durga puja me aayega....

  9. Anonymous8/23/2013

    SAIL soon going to declare result. its website is updated. See by login yourself.

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  16. Sail MT Exam 2015 Tips Strategies & Study Material Syllabus Exam Pattern Question Paper Is Available At http://tsa1998.blogspot.in/2015/03/study-material-syllabus-pattern.html

    1. Everything you know about sail previous year exam is mentioned here.

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