{UPSC} Questions on Railways you must know.

Indian Railway Important GK questions:
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1.  Which is the First Electric Train in India ?
Answer: Deccan Queen (Kalyan – Pune)

2. Which are the states have no Railway ?
Answer: Meghalaya and Sikkim (building new railway lines)

3.What is the width of Broad gauge rail ?
Answer: 1.676

4. Which is the Worlds oldest working steam locomotive engine(train) ?
Answer: Fairy Queen runs in India

5. Which year is declared as ” Year of Rail Users ” by the Indian Railways ?
Answer: 1995

6. Which is the train running between India and Bangladesh ?
Answer: Maitree Express

7. Which is the Longest Railway platform in the World ?
Answer: Gorakhpur station platform (UP)

8. Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel ?
Answer: Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel (Banihal railway tunnel)

9. Where is Railway Staff College situated ?
Answer: Baroda

10. When did Life Line Express (Jeevan Rekha) Started ?
Answer: In 1991

11. Who is the first lady Railway minister of India ?
Answer: Mamta Benergy

12. Who is the first Indian to present Railway Budget ?
Answer: John Mathai

13.Which is the longest Railway bridge in India ?
Answer: Vallarpadam Bridge (kerala) 

14. In which year Indian Railway board established ?
Answer: 1905

15. What is the slogan of Indian Railway ?
Answer: lifeline of the nation

16. Where is the Headquarters of Konkan railway ?
Answer: Bilapur

17. Who is the first railway minister in India ?
Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

18. What is the width of Narrow gauge rail ?
Answer: 0.762

19. Which is the highest railway station in India ?
Answer: Ghum railway station

20. Which is the fastest train in India ?
Answer: Shatabdi Express

21. Which is the first Railway station in India ?
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria terminal)

22. Where is the Museum of Indian Railway situated?
Answer: Chanakyapuri (New Delhi)


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