{FDI} Points for competitive exams

FDI Restrictiveness Index (FRI) : prepared by OECD (India rank = 4)

Top 3 FDI = Mauritius, Singapore, UK

Largest FOREX = india rank = 8 (china - 1)

Shome Panel = GAAR impl.

CECA = Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

CEPA = Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

G20 2014 = Brisbane AUS

Global Peace Index = India 141 rank

ROSHNI = scheme by MoRD, training and placement for youth in 24 naxal affected area

Umeed = J&K = women empowerment

HDI: Human development index

FSI: Failed state index

CPI: Curruption Perception index

IEF: Index of Economic Freedom

GPI: Global Peace Index

WPFI: Worldwide press freedom index

DI: Democracy Index

New FDI Updates

- Telecom = 100%,

- Insurance, petroleum and natural gas, commodity exchange, power exchange, StockXD = 49%

- ARC = 49% Automatic, 49-100% under FIPB

- Credit Information Companies = 74%

- Courier Service = 100%

- Defence: Automatic route and beyond 26% Cabinet Committee on security will take decision

Important Update: Include Changes to control recent Currency depreciation

1. Liberalized Remittance Scheme
i) Remittance up to USD 75000 Allowed
ii) No Immovable property Outside India Allowed
iii) Can form Join venture Etc upto 75 K
iv) Remittance directly to Bhutan, Nepal, Pak and Mauritius not Allowed
v) Indian FCCB not allowed
vi) ESOP (Employee stockownership Plan) Allowed
vii) PAN needed
viii) Post Limit no further remittance even if Money is Back
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