{ONGC} MT previous year Question with solution

GK Quetions ( Memory Based )



1. The speech of annihilation of caste (1937) was given by ------- Dr. BR Ambedkar

2. Ants go in a line by secretion of? ------- Hormones

3. World largest Uranium producing country is? ------ Kazakhstan

4. Widal test is used to detect ----------- Typhoid

5. which state is Not in Seven sisters (North eastern states ) --------- Sikkim

6.India largest producer and found in black sand beaches -------- Ilmenite

7. Which of the following is wrongly matched ------- Nagarjuna Sagar---Cauvery

8. Who wrote the Book - Partition of India? ------------ Jaswant Singh

9. Food poisoning organism is? -------------Staphylococcus aureus

10. The election of Vice president can be challenged before? ------- Supreme court

11. 87:10:3 ( copper :Tin: Zink) ?--------- Brass

12.Name the Only city in a world situated in two continents of the world? ------ Istambul

13. Which Portion of heart received oxygenated blood? ---------- Left atrium

14. Which of the following is not an epic? -------- Canterbury Tales

15. Who was the National flag bearer at the closing ceremony of London-2012 Olympics? -- Marykom

16.16th Summit of Non-aligned movement held recently at which country? -------- Iran

17. What is Body Mass Index (BMI)? ----------- Weight of the person /Height^2

18. what is Good Blood Cholesterol ------ HDL

19. Badami caves made during the regime of which rulers? ----------- Chalukya

20. What used in industry to etch glasses ?---------- Hydrofluoric acid

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21. Jawaharlal Nehru port ---Mumbai ; Kandla-----Gujarat; Para deep port ----Odessa

22. Name the famous poet who was deeply affected by Tagore Gitanjali ?------ William Bulter Yeats

23. Blue vitriol another name for? ----- Copper sulfate

24. Article confer power on the supreme court to issue appropriate direction -------- Article 32

25. Yojana for employment on 1st April 2005 is? ------ Rajiv Gandhi Kalyan yojana

26. Khaira decrease of paddy is due to soil deficiency of? ------- Zink

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  1. when will ONGC recrit this time for 2013 MT.? waiting @ home.

    1. Hope fully they give notification in August end or September starting.

  2. Anonymous8/08/2013

    need technical Question for ongc exam.

    1. people like you share stuff with us after exam. for technical none share as mostly forget them when out of examination room. haha so as soon as i get some Authentic Q. i will post here. keep visiting UPSC-exams.blogspot.in

  3. ONGC 2013 notification kab aayegi sir?

  4. can u suggest any g.k book for ongc???

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  6. visit cncreate.blogspot.in

  7. need ongc previous year question paper


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