{NICL} question paper with solution

As per poll indications for questions attempted by candidates on our blog fairly  on 23 candidates. As this time level of examination is quite hing. 34% dome 80-100 questions only. and mere 3 candidate did more than 160 question and that are appeared in NICL interview. 13 students attempted more than 100 questions in NICL AO exam 2015.

Previous year MHA- IB- ACIO paper for 2013 Click me.fully solved paper next see here 

Exam of NICL Administrative Officer (AO) was held on 8-September-2013.

Here is an analysis of NICL exam held on 8-September,2013.

AS there are two papers held one for generalist and other one for specialist officers. both are different and both  question
to the zenith try to cover up.   

General Awareness was little bit hard as it was not expected in this exam. There were no questions related to banking/Insurance sector.
Computer Knowledge was little bit hard compared to all other sections and compared to previous papers.
Both verbal and non-verbal reasoning was there in exam.
Numerical Aptitude sections were as per expectation. If candidate can manage time for this session, they can easily crack this section. It was easy but takes more time for numeric calculations.
English Section was little hard compared to other exams. 4-5 questions from synonyms and antonyms type.
Descriptive type questions were easy.
Overall paper was easy if you are serious aspirant or given some any other competitive exam.

Some gk question in NICL today's question paper

1) golden revolution its answer is horticulture

2) which of the following is a private banka.
a)corporation bank b.) uco bank c)axis bank d.) united bank answer is axis bank

3) punjab centurion bank is merged with which bank my answer is HDFC

4) cabinet minister in union AK Antony has made a deal with south korea on which of the following
A rural development B agriculture  C defence

5) 2000 icc test match

6) biodiversity conference held at answer is hyderabad

7)bird flu is related to answer is poultry

8) bayana is in which state answer is rajasthan

1)think different- apple

2)international physic olympiad 2011 - might be bangkok

3)press freedom day - may 3rd

4)uranium - meghalaya/orissa

5)literacy rate- china

6)2000th test- india/england

7)food security- pds


9)vedant - minning

10)golden revolution - horticulture

11)gdp - china

12)private bank - axis bank

13)economic term- deflation

14)south korea - defence

15)forest cover- 22%

16)national plant biotech inst - n.delhi

17)world bank 700cr- delay in impementaion*

18)MTNL - dolphin/ garuda

19)Punjab bank merg- hdfc

20)Beautician hairdress award-SEHNAAZ HUSSAIN

when is victory day??

which number should be multiplied by this number 2744 so that the new number will become prefect square ?
A)9     B)6    c)14      D)3

which country has highest literacy rate (generalist paper GK section)?
1)india 2)china 3)sri lanka 4) vietnam 

Select the odd one out
1) Talking

nav krishi is channel from

infra bonds — given by —- IIFCL
exporters credit will be given by—– ECGC
NRSA located at—– hyderbad
G-20 summit held at — las cabos
banking / finance — demand deposit

1. Golden revolution refers to the developement of
2. World press freedom day
3. Bayanawhich was in news recently is a place in which state?
4. Which is a private sector bank
5. Which bank took over centurian bank of punjab?

1. Ph 9.2 ans alkaline
2. Nav krishi..ans ddshan
3. Sri tecnology.. ans rice
4. Telcom minster.. ans kpl sibal

1.In 2000 ICC between INDIA and ________
A.Australia B.England C.Westindies D.Pakistan

2.In forest land in INDIA overall ___%
A.12 B.22 C.33 4.14

3.Which Country Among the following highest lietracy rate in 2012?.
A.China B.Srilanka C.China D.Vietnam

4.which state planed to set up Uranaium plant by ndian govt
A.Megahalya B.Manipur C.Assam D.Odisha

5.Which one is related to food security?.

6.Which of the following country awarded highest GDP growth in 2011?.
A.USA B.China C.Japan D.India

Vital List of Books to clear exam

Some GA questions in today's exam

1.Where was International Physics olympiad held in 2011 – Ans Bangkok

2.National Centre for Plant Biotech located in – Ans New Delhi

3. How much forest cover in India (%) – Ans Approx 23%

4. Which city hosted world biodiversity convention in 2012 – Ans Hyderabad

5. Which country has highest literacy rate as per recent reports. China, India, SL and Vietnam – Ans Vietnam (from wikipedia)

1. x persons can finish a work in 30 days. If 6 persons are increased, work can be finished in 10 days less. then find the original persons.

2. Electronic computer is used for ?

3. On blood relation 2 questions

4. national research center for plant biodiversity

5. RAM is used because ?

6. how many bits are there in 8K

7. Highest literate among India, China, Srilanka, Vietnam

Where the international physics Olympiad held? -Bangkok Thailand

exporters get insurance from ?

NRSA located at

first dedicated climate change centre located at

G-20 summit 2012 held at



A-2 B-4 C-6 D-10

what is the opposite of 'poach'?

1)catch 2)plunder 3)preach 4)hunt

Descriptive topics 

Write a essay on " Privatization in insurance sector. "

Numerical Aptitude in NICL exam:

Simplification, problems on trains, Work and time,profit and loss, multiplication, missing number in the series.

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GK Questions in NICL exam

Name of Telecom Minister – Kapil Sibal
2000th icc test held b/w India n England
Highest literacy rate in Asia – china
Place where G20 2012 Meet held : Los Cabos
Farmer’s No:1 Enemy : Aphids
Uuranium projet proposed to set up in which state-Orrisa
In India how mush area under forest – 22%
National Centre for Remote Sensing – Hyderabad
High Subsidy given in which sector : Oil
Pradhan Mandiri Gram Sadhak Yojana Limit : 1000+
Banking Term : Demand Deposit
Vedanta alumina works in which field – minnig
Soil Ph : Alkaline
Nav Krishi – DD
International physics olympiad was held july 2011- Bangkok
Which term used in food security bill -PDS
India-south korea was agree on  - Defense deal
Press freedom day -3 may
Economic term-Deflation
Bayana- place which was in news recent days – Rajasthan
Slogan- “think different”- Apple
Centurian bank taken over by  – hdfc

RBI imply penalty on India – delay in the project

Descriptive Section in NICL exam:

Comprehensions based on passage – 5 questions each of contain 4 marks. 

Passage was on “‘Untouchable’ Indian scavengers get social uplift”. Passage was from Untouchables: a Novel by Bonomali Goswami

Essay type question was of 20 marks. 

Title of essay was,

1.Privatization of Insurance sector in India.
2.Mobile Phones changed way we communicate
3.Meltdown of world economy

1. Words that mean same “Infamy”- notoriety
2. Words that mean same “Intrepid”– fearless
3. Words that mean same “Exhort”- pressure
4. Words that mean same “Barren”- unproductive
5. Words that mean same “Relieved”- calmed
6. Words that mean same “assured”– confident
7. Words that mean same “Repartee”
8. Words that means OPPOSITE “furthest”- closest
9. Words that means OPPOSITE “Considerate”- ignorant
10. Words that means OPPOSITE “Procrastinate”- propagate
11. Words that means OPPOSITE “Cessation”- commencement

Current IBPS Exam Question you must go through that portion to Click me

12. Bird flu- Poultry
13. High literacy- Vietnam
14. CACP- Minimum Support Price
15. Indian Forest- 22%
16. Think Different Tagline- Apple
17. Associated with Food security- PDS
18. 76km border fence in dhubri- Bangladesh
19. Shehnaz Hussain
20. National Research centre on Plant biotechnology – NEW Delhi
21. Bayana- Rajasthan
22. Private bank- Axis
23. Centurion Bank of punjab- HDFC bank
24. MTNL CDMA Wills scheme in mumbai- Garuda
25. Press Freedom Day- 3 may
26. Golden Revolution- Horticulture
27. UN convention on Biodiversity- Hyderabad
28. Physics Olympiad in 2011- Bangkok
29. Economic term- Deflation
30. Vedanta Alumina- Mining
31. AK Antony- Defence
32. Highest GDP growth- China
33. 2000th ICC test- England
34. Uranium Plant- Orrisa
35. 8K ram- 8196
36. Packet Switching Network- LAN

Engineering Section
* what is the poissions ratio for solids (0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4)
* what is the size of the colloids (5-50 milli micron , 5-500 micron, 500-5000micron, s-50 angstrom)
* UJT has how many junction (Ans = 1)
* If -8+26(Sin wt + 30) current is passed through a PMMC meter , a Spring meter and — meter then what will be the currant ratings through them resp (-8,2,2 , 8,10,10 – - )
* how much O2 can be obtained form 90 kg H2O (32 , 64 , 80 , 90)
* If methanol is 0.64 then what is the mole value for it … (sumthing like that)
* youngs modulus of elasticity related 1 question
1Acre = 0.4047 hect

6:5:8:x. Find x
OFF in computers represented by which no.
bayana belongs to which state?
repartee synonym
exhort synonym

descriptive- essay on:

how mobiles hav changed d way we communicate
privatisation of industrial sector?
economic meltdown

evening shift
fish out of water-uncomfortable
foam in one mouth-angry
opoosite of poach??
hidding something more than that(some thing like that)-hoard
ph more dan 9-alkaline
baking and finanace is related to which–demand draft
reflection ques–1st option was right(a)
essay-internet and effects on communication.

1. x persons can finish a work in 30 days. If 6 persons are increased, work can be finished in 10 days less. then find the original persons.
2. national research center for plant biodiversity
3. RAM is used because ?
4. Electronic computer is used for ?
5. On blood relation 2 questions
6. Highest literate among India, China, Srilanka, Vietnam
7. how many bits are there in 8K