[EIL] MT Question Paper with solution 2015 Engineers India Limited Mechanical


The paper @ 1st look seemed very easy, but after thorough analysis. it was very tricky.
Questions from all topics were there... yeah.. it was about basics, but in most questions... 100% probability of making a mistake was there. 

level of paper was good.. not too easy.. not too tough..
most questions were from RK Jain..bt not all.. 

&& also, sum questions r direct IES & GATE questions asked in previous years.. 

here is the complete list of questions with some answers topic-wise (for some questions, multiple answers r gvn in books..so lot of uncertainty in dozen questions..):-
i)Industrial Engineering:-
1.micromotion study involves how many fundamental motions(therbligs)? ans-16/17/18

2.scheduling gives info abt? ans-wn work shud start & how much work shud b compltd during a period..

3.product layout for? ans-mass is proven.

4.ABC analysis feature? ans-max. attention to products which r less,b t more valuable in terms of money..

5.string diagram used in? ans-motion study

6.in PERT, critical activity has? ans-zero float

7.in PERT, negative float represents project z? ans- beyond schedule/ahead schedule

8.which inventory system keeps running record...& replenishes..? ans-periodic system

9.in weaving operation,n o. of defects per 10 yards^2, which chart used? ans- C-chart

ii)Strength of Materials:-

10.long columns fail due to? ans-buckling only

11.find Mohr's circle radius.. stress1=100,stress2=50? ans- r=25 ((100-50)/2)

12.Principal plane z dt where shear stress is? ans-zero

13.angle of twist of shaft is inversely related to shaft diameter as? ans-shaft dia^4

14.spring stiffness numerical.in series..? ans-12

15.energy absorbed during impact loading z? ans-toughness/resilience

16.poisson's ratio for CI? ans-0.23-0.27

17.numerical on slenderness ratio..l=100, d=5? options-10/20/40/

18.rankine stress for steel is taken as? ans-??

19.numerical on thin cylinder..p,t & d given..find stress? ans-??

20.simply supported beam with udl? ans-wl^2/16

21.BMD for cantilever wd moment @ end? ans-rectangle

22.a question on stress-strain where yielding to necking was an option?

23.thick cylinder question on a distribution of stress?

iii)Theory of Machines:-

24.Damping capacity represents? ans- shock & vibration absorption.

25.strap end of connecting rod of steam engine joined by? ans-gib & cotter joint

26.four bar chain has? ans- all turning pairs

27.sensitiveness of governor z? ans- range of speed/mean speed

28.for synchronous governor, graph z such dat? ans-no intercept passes thru origin

29.governor z used for? ans-speed control

30.cam & follower question abt follower motion??

31.force measurement in high power transmission shafts by which dynamometer? ans- torsion dynamometer

32.in locos,l>>2r..why? ans-minimise effect of sec. forces

33.degree of freedom of vibrating beam z? ans-2/4/6..

iv)Machine Design:-

34.rated life of bearing inveresely varies as? ans-load^3

35.when bolt is subjected to shock loading, breakage at? ans-thread/shank

36.lewis equation z used for? ans- bending stress of gear tooth

37.for redn. of 70:1, which gear? ans-worm gear

38.creep in belt z due to? ans-unequal tensions on tight & slack sides

39.Wahl's stress factor z considered in springs for? ans-curvature & stress conc.

40.key connecting a flange coupling to shaft is likely to fail in? ans-shear

41.brakes used in railway carriages? ans-shoe brake

42.for 20 degrees pressure angle, min. no. of teeth? ans-18

43.when shaft uses gear for power transmission, stresses induced are? ans-combined bending & shear

v)Thermal Engineering:-

44.once-thru boilers have? ans-no drum

45.stefan boltzmann law applicable to? ans-radiation

46.when DBT=WBT, select correct options..a)DPT reached,b)air fully saturated,c)humidity=100%,d)partial press.=total press..??? ans-a&b/a,b,c/ac/abcd..

47.numerical on solar absorptn system..4 temps. gvn, max COP? ans- 1.5

48.brayton cycle with infinite intercooling & reheating approximates which cycle? ans-Ericcson cycle

49.cycle used for refrigeration in aeroplanes? ans-reversed Brayton cycle or bell-Coleman cycle

50.choking of nozzle implies? ans-max. discharge

51.presence of nitrogen oxides represents? ans-incomplete combustion/more air

52.clapeyron equation relates? v,p,h,t (option ABCD..bt two options wr same :))

53.human body feels comfortablw when metabolic heat z=? ans-heat dissipated

54.match d cycles question? (2 isothermal,2 adibatics-carnot; 2 isothermals,2 isochorics-stirling; 2 adiabatics, 2 isochorics-otto; 2 adibatics,2 isobarics-joule)

55.decreasing knocking tendency in SI engines arrangement question? ans -paraffins>olefins>napthenes>aromatics

56.steam rate z gvn by? ans-kg/kWh

57.R-22 for temps. below -30'C not recommended due to? ans-??

58.gas having -ve joule-thompson coffcnt when throttled vl bcum? ans-warmer

59.given two walls with k1 & k2, same thickness & area..then Q1: Q2? ans-1:2

60.volumetric efficiency depends on coolant temp. as? ans-??


vi)Metallurgy & Production Technology:-

63.cermets are? ans-ceramic+metals/ coated tool materials

64.gibb's phase rule? ans- F=C-P+2

65.copper is ? ans-vry difficlt 2b spot-welded

66. amorphous material is? ans- glass

67.bainite is? ans-cementite+ferrite

68.fastest cooling rate is obtained in? ans-air/water/brine

69.in carbides, a binder  used is? ans-cobalt

70.in semi-conductors,electrons in outermost orbit? ans-4

71.most ductile materials have structure? ans-FCC

72. corrosion resistance provided by nickel and? ans-chromium

73.toughness given by? nickel/vanadium

74.hot/cold shortness of steel is due to? ans-sulphur/phosphorus

75.method of trapping impurities in sand casting? ans-skim bob

76.grey CI welded by? ans-gas welding

77.in thermit welding, the ratio of aluminium to iron oxide? ans-1:3

78.unit of x-ray? options-cathode voltage/amperage/milliamperage/eV

79.NDT for cracks in casting? ans-ultrasonic test/radiography

80.NDT based on a capillary action? ans-liquid penetrate test

81.steel pipes made by? (what was the exact question) ?? ans- centrifugal casting

82.gear manufacturing question?

83.shaper question?

84.with diamond tool rake angle for machining aluminium? ans-0 degree

85.lathe based question?

86.non-conventional machining question?

vii)Fluid Mechanics & Machinery:-

87.in cavitation, fluid property involved is? ans- vapor pressure

88.flow in which density changes? ans-compressible flow

89. draft tube is used in? impulse/pelton/francis/de laval.. ans-Francis

90.in multi-stage pumps, for high discharge, the connection used is? ans-parallel

91.numerical on pascal's law?

92.in impulse turbine, at the entry to impeller, energy is? ans-kinetic energy

93.question on fan & discharge?

94.laplace euation question?

95.rotameter is used for? ans-flow measurement

96.gauge press.=? ans- abs. press - atm. press.

97.question based on reading scale in water? ans-remains same

98.question based on force on curved surface immersed in liquid?

99.laminar flow when? ans-Re<2000

100.free surface of liquid tends to contract due to? ans-surface tension

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NOTE: - bahut mehnat lagi hai bhi..fir bhi shayad 5-10 questions mentioned above may not have been there in the question paper. so, plz identify & replace them with actual questions asked in exam?? if u remember.


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