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While you are all busy preparing for your exams, I am introducing this website to you to unleash the hidden foodie within you. It is the perfect site to choose your party location once you are successful in your preparation. Here are the BIG 3 highlights of the site.

1. Its a perfect food guide for all those who are new to the city. It helps you
find your choice of restaurants, at you convenience and at the reasonable price.

2. For most of its restaurants, it has a menu already uploaded for you. This helps you to choose your restaurant by planning as per your pocket.

3. Its the most reliable food review site for Delhites. For all their recommended restaurants I had visited, it has always, just always, lived beyond expectations.

I just love Zomato!!!

Feedback for Zomato team :
1. You can add a filter of street food in your cuisine option, as that's one thing Delhi has to boast about.
2. You may collaborate with the restaurants to provide some discount coupons online as I visit your site. Like if I see a most recommended restaurant on your site, then I may get an online deal on the same site.
3. I could not find any option on your site to add a new restaurant and put to review. There are certain hidden places that serves great food. please add such option as well.

Puja, Foodie (On my way to become a CONNOISSEUR)
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