UPSC Mains 2014 Essay Topics - Original Exam Paper

So which one did you attempt, and how did it go? Original Paper @bottom of this post. 

@Mains-Players: (Reply after Mains is over.) which essay did you write in your upsc exam and what important points did you include in your essay? 
@Non-Mains 2013 players: Which essay would you like to write and what points will you like to include in your essay? (You may post comment right now!)

Write an essay on any ONE of the following topics NOT more than 2500 words: - 

Q.1  Be the change you want to see in others - Gandhiji
read more Quotes on Gandhiji Wiki-->Gandhiji

Q.2  Is Colonial Mentality Hindering India's Success?
This is what expressed by our RBI Governor Raghu ram Ranjan. and from here it comes in Exam.  

Q.3 GDP (Gross Domestic Production) Along with GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) Would Be The Right Indices For Judging The Well-being Of A Country.

What is GDP and why it is so important? Read Investopedia - Answer

What is GDH and why it is so important? Wiki-->Gross_national_happiness GDH

Q.4 Science and Technology Is The Panacea For The Growth and Security Of A Nation.

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