IBPS Interview Center Noida Experience, B-tech Bank interview Experience

How to reach this place?
 from noida city center--> Direct auto Rs.50-60 
Else U can take Gramin Sewa or Sharing Auto to LABOUR CHOWK SEC-62 (Charge 10-20) and the Center is at 5 mins Distance from there and is on Main Road Ask anyone there, you may go with the crowd. Haha

Interview Centre - bank of India Noida
Shared by msaratc

Well, my interview was in Bank of India, training centre Noida.

 There were four panelist - three gentleman (M1, M2, M3 and M4) and one lady (L1).

 Here i want to narrate my experience in detail and want your sincere feedback.

I entered the room and wished them

I: Good morning sir, good morning sir, good morning sir, good morning maam.

M1: Please have a seat. (he is looking into a bunch of papers, i guess having my details).
there is silence for few seconds

M2: so, please can you introduce yourself?

I: sir, my name is XXX. I am basically from kanpur but have completed my graduation from Greater Noida. I have done B tech from NIET, Greater Noida...
again silence for 5-6 seconds.

M1: So, why do you want to join Banking?
I: sir, i like banking.. moreover I want to join a government job. It is very secure.

M2. Why do you like banking?
I: Sir, it is very respectable... there is lot of interaction with people.

M3: (smiling), but beta, there are many other jobs which are respectable. but our question is why banking?
I: (thinking and thinking)

L1: Leave it, tell me - wht are your hobbies?
I: sir reading...

M2 interrupts me in between
M2: Reading wht?

I: Reading books... current affairs etc

M1: What are todays headlines?
I: Arvind Kejriwal will have to pass floor test today. Recently, AAP has formed the government in Delhi and now they have to prove majority in vidhan sabha.

M1: Do you support AAP?
I: Yes

M1: Why?
I: They are fighting against corruption.

M3: Tell me wht is CRR and how RBI uses this as a tool for various purposes?
I: I tried to explain.

M3: Ok Thanks You. You may leave now.

and it was over.. i am feeling very nervous.


My Interview Experience

BOI Sec 62 Noida
Panel 9
Cat: URTime 8.30  Date: 8/1/14
Members =4 (3 males & 1 female)

Duration Of Interview : 10 mins

They started asking questions as i entered the room.

M1: Tell me about ur Family backgroud (in hindi).... About work experience
about my role in last company
and why u left ur job?


M2(F)& M3: What is CTS 2010?(in Hindi) and some discussion with M3 about CTS
What is Neft And RTGS?

M4(in English) :
 What is OSI Layers, SDLC,
Difference between Smart card & Debit Card,
and define Networks
Some banking Products


They all looked satisfied with my replies.
All the Best Guyss


Pushpak Pandey

PO Interview experience:

Was in full flow and was abt to reach the interview venue..
When an uncle asked for a lift.. i stopped my bike n d uncle came running and sat on my pillion seat asking me dat u r going to Bank of Inndia.. I said yes. he laughed n said dat he could figure out d same bcaz f my suit n tie.. i said okay.. n started running my bike... den i told him dat i em nt sure abt d way. was he hving any idea... den he proudly said dat he was frm a panel n i need nt worry abt d way.. n my heart started beeping like... anything... Wat a start f d day at 8:00am itself... Anywayzzz i dropped him in front of BOI as we were nt allowed to enter at dat time....he wished me gudluck n i started praying dat he should b dere in my panel......as he has interrogated a lot abt me on our way to d bank... But unfortunately i did not see him again through out d day... Unfortunate me.... Huhh... :p 

Venue BOI, Sec-62, Noida
Panel : 13th, 8:30 am batch

sochna pad rha hai ki kyaa likhun.....! ! ! !

Started with May I Please come in
Wished em all.
they replied telling me to hv a seat

Asked me that where em I from....! !

Asked me to introduce myself, qualification and work-ex, if any

Asked me dat is there a subject like statistics in MBA. What r d things wchich i liked in that
Told dem

Asked abt my grad.... 
Told dem BSc

Subjects..... Physics n Geo

What is Geology

Madam G... Do u too wanna ask sumthing... Madam while thinking... Yes Yes
asked that suppose u r shortlisted n U n I are working together and the clerk didn't come dat day... Den wat will I do...! ! ! !
(what rocket science question) Told them dat v will distribute work and try to cope up wid d situation for a day as bank is not going to close bcaz f dis reason.

Thank U....u may leave now
Wished them all a gud day n came out wondering that hw should i take my interview now...... was it a gud one or a bad one......hardly spent sum 6-7 minutes wid them.....kept smile on face on most f d times....they were ofcourse cordial n d ambience too was gud...not tensed at all....formalities were not there as such..... Keeping my fingers crossed for d end result....... :) :)

Guys.......remain careful abt ur docs...n do carry all sem marksheets along with d aggregate one....IBPS s damn strict wid certificates dis time as i noticed and was confirmed d same frm one f d friendly member f verification team........ Esp B.Tech n MBA Guyz.... :) :)


  1. Anonymous1/02/2014

    How to reach this place?

  2. Anonymous1/02/2014

    How to reach BOI noida? i have interview there.


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