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IBPS Interview experience Shared Bank, Ahmadabad, Gujarat

My interview experience at DENA bank, Ahmedabad :

Morning slot : 8:30 A.M.
Panel : III

Document verification 5 mins only.

Interview number was last to second...
time taken : 5 mins exactly (i did checked my watch)

Questions & Answers :

Only 3 members were there for me as one was gone out.

one member was walking here n there in cabin and other two were seated idle, waiting
for my arrival.

I said " may i come in, sir"
Sirs : ha sure.. please be seated here

Member 1 (while walking) : So Nishant, tell me something about yourself ?
Answer : Answered well and when i told them i have done B.tech. and then MBA...

he stopped me and asked "why u left b.tech. career for banking"
Answer : i was not comfortable with the work and i feel my skills will be wasted there.
i was sure that i will not give 100% to that B.tech. job.

Then he asked me that : What work to banks do ?
Answer :Giving loans, advances, accepts deposits, help in money circulating
but main currency circulation is done by RBI (central bank of India).
Some times bank gives loan on mortgage also.

They stopped me here and asked.... what is mortgage ?
Answer : Mortgage means Bank will give loans on immovable assets like home,
land to customers.

then then asked me : "is there any one from family in banks? "
Answer : yes. My father is in bank as officer. Then they asked where and what is famous at
that place.

i answered it well. Then i asked them if they ever heard that place in Gujarat or not :mg: :mg:

Final question : R u ready to be placed anywhere in India?
Answer : Yes sir.Even my first preference is situated in Delhi. :mg: :mg:

They all smiled and 4th member entered at the same time. I wished them happy new year.

The end of 5 mins for PO


Priyank Achariya

Interview place: Ahmedabad, 7th January 2014
Panel :III
Reporting time: 13:00 (1 PM)
Interview time : 15:48 ( 3.48 PM)
Interview duration: 11 Minutes
Score_exam: 83

No of panel members: 4 Males ; all +50; one sardarji didn't speak a word ( though he had very kind expression)

( Greetings exchanged)

Panel Member 1:
What is your education?
Where did you work?

Inquiry about my previous company Capacity, my responsibilities, current position of the company, some gossip about the company ( it seemed they were trying to check my loyalty skills), reason for leaving my previous job.

Inquiry about my current job.
Inquiry about my family background.
Inquiry about my hobbies.
At last number of friends in real life and number of friends on Facebook

Bottom line: I couldn't judge it was good or bad.
It was less of an interview and more of inter-view.
Need some blessing and sanskar from #AlokNath.


Natasha sharma

my interview experience @ Ahmadabad panel 3
members=4 (all males)

me: may i come in?
they said yes with smile.. 

they wished me my b'day first.. 

then asked about my introduction.. 
i answered (which i already prepared @ home)

then they asked about my family background.. which place i belong.. how many members are in my family.. who run the family.. my hobbies.

no question about banking.. current affairs. nothing ..

all persons who gave their interview most of them said same answer that they did not ask anything about banking... 

all panel members were very good and friendly... all are supportive.

now hope fro the well...
they used both language hindi and english... one male person dat is punjabi he didnt ask anything...

My score is 70. What was your score?