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Interview Experience Bank 2015 IBPS Jharkhand

over with horrific interview of IBPS PO 3

Venue :- hotel arya, ranchi, jharkhand

interview time :-1 pm

document verification by:- 04:45 pm

Interview started :05:05 pm

1)tell me about yourself

2)tell ur complete marks from 10th onwards

3)why u got such low marks in 12th

4)whats ur graduation stream

5)can we ask questions from banking

6)what is balance sheet

7)who is your favourite singer

8)what type of songs u listen

9)don`t you like latest songs

10)don`t you like local songs

11)where r u from

12)people there listen nagpuri don`t u like it

13)have u prepared anything from banking

14)what have u prepared

15)should we ask some questions from banking

16)what is NPA

17)what is nationalised bank

18)when when were bank nationalised

19)rbi is a nationalised bank

20)sbi is a nationalised bank

21)functions of rbi

22)what is your first preference bank

23)who is chairman of boi

24)why have u opted boi as first preference

25)do you think you will get home posting as ur hometown has so many boi branches

26)r u ready to serve any where in india

27)whats ur marks in written exam

28)Is this ur first interview

29)why banking

30)your progress or bank progress

thats what I recall now will post some left questions soon

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