{IBPS} interview experience questions review 2015

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What you need for a interview? 

Everyone should take a xerox copy of photo id, all semester mark sheets +degree and consolidate mark sheet and if belongs to obc/sc caste ,take a copy of prescribed proforma certificate available in the ibps website and get it signed by tahsildar or u are asked to take an underwriting that u will submit at a later stage if selected. These were required at Hyderabad center shared by one of our friends. 

IBPS Interview Experience Date 2 Jan 2014 

Shared by Avinash Sallabathula

It was fine.  panel was very friendly. questions were asked in
general like
  1. have u done any social service in your engineering.
  2. what is ur contribution to the society
  3. have u done any research papers in engineering
  4. how is ur technical background will be useful in banking
  5. diff b/w BE & B.TECH
  6. what have done these years
  7. ur new year resolutions
Interview Time : 15 minutes

Chit chat post interview 

shameem Ismail : wat r al the questions asking related to BANKING... Bcas u r from Engg field ryt??
avinash sallabathula : they have not asked anything particular about banking except about neft and rtgs.but some banking terms were said by me while answering those questions and then they have aked about them.

Neetesh Singh Jadaun : bhai please share your entire experience comprehensively in one post as regards to question asked (Banking, Current affairs, personal, Gradutaion subjects etc)

avinash sallabathula : MY INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: PANEL 5
i have entered the room and greeted them.there are 3 persons and 1 lady.lets say M1,M2,M3&F,
M1&M2 are elder people may be in mid 50s,M3 is younger may be mid 30s and even the lady F1.
M1- What is the difference between BE & BTECH.(as i have done BE in engineering

avinash sallabathula : 

M2- have u done any social service in engineering like charity.what is ur contribution to the society
M1- have u submitted any research papers in engineering
M1- what will u do to the society after getting job
M2- why u have wasted 3 years without any job
M1- what is ur suggestion to prevent crimes that is happening near ATMs
M1- what r npa.what will u do to prevent them.what is the percentage of npa in banks

M3- what is diff between neft and rtgs9

F - How will ur technical knowledge helpful to banking,any recent interviews attended,what u r expecting from banking,union finance minister
M2- What do u know about ecgc,why did it come into ur mind,do u know what u r expected to do there,can u work anywhere in india.
M1- what are ur new year resolutions

They wished me all the best.i tanked them an came out of the room

IBPS common interview experience po-3

Mumbai, Maharastra Stranger IBPS Interview Experienced

starting from the very beginning my interview location was nearby my house the reporting time was 8.30 i managed to reach at 8.00...  damn chilling weather it was freezing... or i was so much excite or nervous as it was my 1st interview. at 9.00 they let us enter, then the verification of documents started and i must say this is really strict one u have to go thou all ur document once b4 coming for interview..... i was thou the verification in 15 minutes.... then suddenly they called up my name 4 d inter view  :o i was in a shock didn't got the time to sit also :P :)

adrenaline rush in me.. then 1st interviewee came out huh!!! more tensed.. now finally the interview.. panel of 4 gentlemen all were really cool... i entered smiling believe me this is my first interview and they made me very comfortable tip:keep a smile instead of tension on ur face i guess they catch ppl who r nervous never mind questions dey asked solely were personal about me family and stuff.....

and also y bank after b.tech and then if i become the branch manager how will i manage....

and then wished a very happy new year said all the best and wait for the results keep in mind go prepared u can be asked anything it was not in my case god knows why didnt they asked banking stuff.....
but still be prepared dont be nervous at all and be well dresses this matters the most...
make eye contact and plzz dont be very serious make them feel that u are fine .....

all the very very best to all of you... :) and a very happy new year :) :) my interview was around 10-15 minutes...sorry dont want to post my identity

2)Asked about my hometown,
edu qualification and some basic banking terms like
repo rate,
 financial inclusion and
 asked about food security bill....Mumbai, Bank of Maharashtra...interview finished within 10 min

UBI, Bhubaneswar Center Interview Experinced for IBPS shared by Debasis Behera

My Interview was at United bank of India,Regional office, Bhubaneswar.
Reporting time : 8:30am .
Document verification hua pehle.
 aur fir baad main mera interview kareeb 10 minute tak hua..
panel main IBPS ka chairman bhi tha.aur uske saath humara yahan bhubaneswar ka 2 AGM (different different bank ka) aur ek Andhra Pradesh se koi bank ka tha.

  1. Most of the questions mere ko marketing se puchhe (as i have done my MBA in Marketing). 
  2. Difference between Selling and Marketing ? 
  3. How Marketing starts in a bank ? 
  4. difference between Planning and strategy ? etc..

current affairs se who got padma bibhushan award in 2012 from odisha,

Warning in recently published RBI Policy.

ye sab chhod ke baaki sab normal HR questions tha.. Overall achha friendly panel tha.. Let's hope for the best.. ALL THE BEST for your interview 

IBPS Interview Experience Shared by Anshul k Center BOB Lucknow

my interview was at bob lucknow
reporting time was 8.30 i reached at 9.20.

some important points for those who are going to give their interview there.

document verification was very strict... almost like a pre interview.

they were making sure that you were the same person who gave the written exam so those who got high marks had to answer number of queries like where was your center.
what were the various sections in exam. how many marks in various section you got etc, so as to be sure that the candidate is genuine.. it was more like a psycho test. 
and trust me, even though all the candidates were genuine but even they started faltering... one candidate was not allowed to give the interview because his graduate mark sheet/certificate was of after the 1july or whatever the last date announced by the ibps in advertisement. so you have to be sure that either your marksheet or certificate has the correct date. 

provisional certificate is also accepted if it has the correct date.

caste certificate should be in the desired format and also issued by the central authority.. i took the certificate but still they asked for the certificate which is in the format published in ibps site, so i had to call my friend to bring that in too.

now about my interview

it lasted around 30 minutes,usually they were lasting around 15-20 minutes with few exceptions.

4 member all male panel.

member 1

personal introduction?

family details?

education qualification?

my previous po job queries?

why i left sbi po?

why i want to join bank again?

member 2

do you think you will get chance to prepare for upsc if you work in a bank?

member 1

what are my strength and weakness?

what are my views regarding current socio political scenario?

what are my views regarding women empowerment, and what are its merits?

what are my views regarding women empowerment when it can me misused by many individuals?

member 2

supposedly i am the governor of rbi what steps will i take to improve the economic condition and control inflation?

member 1

what is the procedure for the election of President of India?

what are my hobbies, interests and questions related to it?

member 3

what is mortgage?

after this abruptly, the panel head said ok enough..  you can go now, the fourth member didnt asked anything, it happened with many candidates.

personaly i am quite good in interviews but today it was the first time that i gave it in hindi.. the panel head started in hindi so i continued with it. only member 2 was talking in english so i answered him in same.

i forgot to wish them happy new year so i turned back halfway to wish them which ended things with smile on all our face.

IBPS Interview Experienced shared by Patna, Bihar Candidate 

my interview experience:

reporting time: 1 pm in panel I, I was fifth in the number but went at fourth place. around 3:15-20,

as i entered there were four members, they have asked me to sit.

Questions was in politics, static general knowledge only.

1. tell me the name of the north-eastern state where the elections took place recently.

2. tell me the name of chairman and deputy chairman of PC.

3. tell me the function of PC.

4. what was the four agendas of AAP in New Delhi.

5. why bangalore is famous.

6. why did mining in karnataka was in news in recent time.

7. who is the current CM of karnataka.

8. why did nationalization of banks happened.

9. why there is so much of customer rush in the ICICI banks.

10. what have you analysed about your academics.

11. how does PC works whenever there is a state formation.

12. How chief justice of india appointed.

13. who is the chief justice of India.

14. which is the highest court of india.

guys, i have no idea how my interview was. i answered all but it didn't lasted for more than 10 minute and i was not happy as i was expecting something different but it seems panel were in big hurry.

i Hope and wish that i make it to the final list by clearing this interview process.

all the best !!

seriously valid stuff

Hi Puys, I know many will disagree but I have a point to make.

From what I can see, you guys are looking at no.of questions (Say 20) and then you are posting comments "Okay I know answer of 1,2,6,8,11....19 and 20, so I will get 35% marks,OHHH"

Stop doing this, seriously!

Interview marks do not depend on how many answers are right, it depends if you do not know answer of ONE important question!

For example you are able to tell them CRR, CRAR, Arvind Kejri... falana dhikna and you have no idea what to say in "Why Banking?" EPIC FAIL!

Interview marks depend on whether you are Bank PO material or not!
That is all I want to say. If you can say "Sir, I do not know" in a really effective way you can be in and if you answer all 20 questions but your body language is negative, you are gone!

It is not about knowledge, if it was about knowledge why conduct interview at all? Why not include questions in written exam itself?

Keep eye on this. this post will update as experience shared by who have given interview time by time.

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  1. Anonymous1/02/2014

    Did they asked for the character certificate too?

    1. no need of character certificate. that need in ibps 2012

  2. should we staple all docs, like application form, call letter, Mark sheet (each year), degree and ID together and How many sets of Docs were asked for ?

  3. no need to staple them as they were doing that with extra documents they have;10th & 12th marksheets,all semester marksheets,consolidate degree,od,cate certificate if any

  4. Anonymous1/02/2014

    if anybody has appeared for interview at PNB zonal training center, jaipur rajasthan????

  5. Anonymous1/02/2014

    All the best to all who are appearing for ibps interview today and in coming days
    please share ur experience.

  6. interviews have been arranged according to the decreasing marks in respective categories?

  7. Anonymous1/02/2014

    i dnt have a coat....which colour sweater i should wear???

  8. Anonymous1/02/2014

    HI frnds i hav made a spelling mistake in my address while filling application ,will it cause any problem?pls anybdy reply

  9. thanku for sharing experience... it's giving confidence :)

  10. interview done... now leaving the center...
    i will post the details once i reach home... candidates with high and low marks were all mixed together so no particular order.

    1. Anonymous1/02/2014

      where r u from?

    2. Anonymous1/02/2014

      are there any candidates with marks in 60's

    3. Anonymous1/02/2014

      wating for your interview

  11. Anonymous1/02/2014

    R dey asking fr computr certificate?

  12. Anonymous1/02/2014

    also wht is the %age of NPA in banks???

  13. Anonymous1/02/2014

    anyone from BOI Noida?

  14. Anonymous1/02/2014

    great where is the grilled interview?

  15. today on my floor, with whatever interaction i had with others,, the interview questions were more about personal tastes, hobbies, family, etc,,,one guy was asked about rbi functions and one other was asked about social changes in banking( that is what the girl told me?,,,


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