IBPS Interview Experienced from Canara bank PO 2015

By Maneesh P

3-1-14 morning batch
Venue : Calicut-  -  -Canara Bank  --- panel 1
Score : 85 (OBC)

Questions :
1.Why u left ur previous job which was offering you more salary than PO?

2.If security is the problem,nothing is stable..why you choose Bank??

3.If You are interested in management field,you could have done MBA and u will get
glamorous offers in many MNCs?

4.If you are interested in finance,you could have done mba in finance,and u will get offers from banks like Barclays???

5.If you are interestd banking because u r considering it as a serving of our people and country u could have tried for IAS or IPS??

6.If you think u will get posting in india and u can serve indian people,what will you do if you get posting later in foreign countries???

7.Different types of loans??

8.How banks earning profit??

9 suppose we are decresing interest rates of deposits and incresing interest rates of loans....will it practically possible??

10.what is no frils account??

11.Financial inclusion

I ansrd for all questions..Many times they appreciated me by saying 'Good ' and at the sometime they were laughing..
so i was totally confused tat time...
dont know whether i performed well or not :( :( :(

PS : anyone knows how many candidates were not able to get minimum qualifying mark in interview last year..
 fear same thing gonna happen for me also... :( :( :(

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