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{SBI} PO Recruitment June 2015 ALL INDIA 1837 Posts- Study Material, Previous Year Questions Paper, Books etc

Reasoning- More or less same with IBPS PO
DI- SBI is full of DI & not much of other math stuff .......1-2 probabilities may b

Books You need

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Last Year CUT OFF ( For Interview  ) OUT OF 250 MARKS

SC -128
ST -116
OH -118
VH -132

The cutoff for Objective for Gen?
86 but people with minimum 151 were called for phase 2

Clarification About SBI PO

1) SBI does not pay 70k salary ......it includes lease rent of approx. 30k in Mumbai....actual salary is roughly 34k ...a bit more than nationalized banks wich is around 30k, & few more facilities
2) Difference in competition- in IBPS PO roughly 60k qualify for 20k+ seats in SBI roughly 3-4k will only qualify, so competition wise it will b many times tougher

3) Difference in Pattern

English- Mor or less same with IBPS PO, expect passage on economy

GA- this section will cover everything from Current affairs, Banking, Computer & basic marketing


235 439 405 758 1837 29 31 60

Phase-I Examination consisting Objective Tests for 200 marks and Descriptive
Test for 50 marks.

The Objective Test will be online. Immediately after online Objective Test,
Descriptive Test will be administered. Candidates will have to answer Descriptive

Test on paper/Pen mode.
(i) The Objective Test with 2-hour duration consists of 4 Sections with 50 Objective Test:

marks each (Total 200 marks) as follows:

a) Test of English Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc.)
b) Test of General Awareness, Marketing & Computers
c) Test of Data Analysis & Interpretation

d) Test of Reasoning (High Level)

The candidates are required to qualify in each of the Tests by securing passing marks,
to be decided by the Bank.
(ii) The Descriptive Test with 1-hour duration (50marks) will be of “Test Descriptive Test:

of English Language (comprehension, short précis, letter writing & essay)”.

The candidates are required to qualify in the Descriptive Test by securing passing
marks, to be decided by the Bank.

Descriptive Test paper of only those candidates will be evaluated who have scored
qualifying marks in the Objective Tests and are Placed adequately high as per total

marks in the objective test.

(b) Phase-II Group Discussion (20 marks) & Interview (30 marks)

The aggregate marks of candidates qualifying in both the Objective Tests and
Descriptive Test will be arranged in descending order in each category. Adequate

number of candidates in each category, as decided by the Bank will be called for Group
Discussion and Interview. The qualifying marks in Group Discussion & Interview will be

as decided by the Bank.
Candidates qualified for GD & Interview under 'OBC' category are required to

submit OBC certificate containing the 'Non Creamy layer' clause. Candidates not

submitting the OBC certificate containing the 'Non Creamy layer' clause and

requesting to be interviewed under General category will not be entertained.

Final Selection
The candidates will have to qualify both in Phase-I and Phase-II separately.
Marks secured by the candidates in the Written Test (out of 250 marks) are converted to
out of 75 and marks secured in Group Discussion & Interview (out of 50 marks) are

converted to out of 25. The final merit list is arrived at after aggregating converted marks
of Written Test and Group Discussion & Interview out of 100 for each category.
The selection will be made from the top merit ranked candidates in each category.

Results of the candidates who have qualified for Phase II and the list of candidates

finally selected will be made available on the Bank's website. Final select list will be
published in Employment News/ Rozgar Samachar.

SBI ka salary is slightly more than other nationalised banks. 
Notification mein jo likha hai 8,40,000 p.a. @ Mumbai, it is just LoL, seriously LoL :D

First of all, no fresher will be given Mumbai posting. Even employees with 5-7 yrs experience don't get Mumbai....

Secondly, even if it is Mumbai, per month rent is 25,000 for 2BHK. You will have to find a place close to the branch, otherwise travelling local trains or buses is a nightmare in Mumbai...

Thirdly, every year, SBI's one month NPA's are covered by the fees generated from PO and SO job applicants. Last year 17 lakh applied for 2000 posts. Let's do some math....
50% of applicants must be from general category, so say 8 lakh applications brought in Rs.500 each and remaining brought in Rs.100 each....
( 8,00,000 x 500 ) + (8,00,000 x 100) = 48 CRORES
This is the main reason why SBI conducts its own exam (to earn lots of money) 

They say SBI is better than other banks in terms of perks and allowances. But work is also a lot more as it is the most popular bank in India.

In my opinion, don't be too greedy to apply for SBI if you are satisfied with your PO result 

so what is the CTC offered to a fresher in your opinion?

depends on the place of posting. Generally it is 5-7% more than other banks' PO.

Please go through this all doubt on salary everything will be clear.-->> Click Me
PAYMENT OF FEES - ONLINE: 07.04.2014 TO 25.04.2014
PAYMENT OF FEES - OFFLINE: 10.04.2014 TO 28.04.2014

The examination will be held in the month of June 2014 (Tentatively)

Is there any bond in SBI PO?

Previous Year SBI Question Paper For 2014
GK/Computer/Marketing Questions Asked in Morning Session:

Full form of CTS- Cheque Truncation System
Who won the Best Actress award in 85th Academy Awards – Jennifer Lawrence
Pandit Ravi Shankar Received which award after his death- Grammy

What are memory of computer -RAM and ROM
What do you mean by ‘ To close a call’ -

In Mid-Quarter Policy Review Reserve Bank of India changed which rate? Repo and Reserve Repo

EMV stands for – EuroPay, Master, Visa
What is the feature which often prompt in ms office to offer help – office assistant

What is the Tenure of a 12th five-year plan in India? – 2012-2017

Australia won the Women’s cricket world cup by defeating which country? – West Indies

The former governor of Reserve Bank of India Y V Reddy recently appointed as the chairman of? – 14th Finance


Vargheese Kurien is associated with – White Revolution.

On February 28, 2013, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram presented Union Budget in Parliament where he

what amount to set up India’s first all-woman bank? – 1000Cr

Who is present China premier - Xi Jinping

What is the full of AA in GAAR - General Anti Avoidance Rules

Speaker in a computer is used to – Output Sound and Music.

What is the mission of JNNURM

Who is the present Managing Director (MD) of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

TATA is now associated with which airlines? – Air Asia

Limited liability partnership (LLP) consist of how many partners.?
Income deduction limit under article 80c of IT acts on investment

KYC Forms used for – Know Your Customer

Two types of budget plans, one given planned budget and asking for another plan – Non-Plan expenditure budget

What is market penetration?

What is the meaning of Lead?

In Union Budget 2013, tax credit of Rs 2000 given to an individual who has an income up to – 5 lakh

What is the cross selling means? – Selling additional products and services to an existing customer

Target group for savings account – Any Individual

What is file in Computer – A Computer File is a resource for storing information

What is used in optical mouse – Light

According to the guideline issued by RBI for new banks, the new private sector banks to get banking licence
open how much of its branch in un-banked rural areas? – 25%

What is Reverse Repo Rate?
According to the guideline issued by RBI for new banks, the new private sector banks to get banking licence
maintain minimum capital adequacy ratio?

What is Captive Marketing
Target Group for Personal Loan
GK/Computer/Marketing Questions Asked in Afternoon Session:
Playing to win book written by
Saving account rates decided by
IT company that recently spread in other countries
The amount a bank have to keep at RBI is
Joystick is used in

Work after sale is

Memory, control unit n …………… An integral part of CPU
A person awarded in Bangladesh Md. Yunus due to

The rate below that no bank can provide loan is called
Central govt provided SBI

Bombay stock exchange is now known as

Small and medium savings concerned with
One of the condition of the opening branch for licensing how much in rural areas?

The currency of European union is

Word related with cricket

A time period for which not interest is charged called

In term CPU, C means for

Which of the following is not related to memory?
USP Means

DSA work’s quality depends on
Target market of debit card is
The character of a good sales person is
Mulya you it seva means
Data backup helps in
Captain of Australia team played in march
Descriptive Paper Asked in SBI PO 2013 (Based on Memory):
Letter Writing:
Write a letter to your Siblings mentioning how to prepare for Competitive Exams.
Write a letter to the company for accepting the job offer of an assistant manager in the company
Write a letter on behalf of your department to the CEO of your company for working in late hours and not
appreciated by management members.
Essay Writing:
Women entrepreneurs in India.
The role of a bank in daily life.
Write a paragraph for the following topic:
Importance of investment
Importance of saving energy
The role of small scale industries in the economy.
Precise Writing:
Electronic payment system
Comprehension on inflation


  1. Anonymous4/05/2014

    I am from Bangalore. Suppose I pay the exam fees after 20th April, will I get Bangalore as exam center?

  2. Please suggest any good Books/materials/online resources for this SBI PO Exam

  3. IBPS clear krne ke baad #SBI #PO ka form bharne walo , janta maaf nhi kregi

    abki baar #modi #sarkar. !!

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    SBI ke notification aa gaya ,badhiya hua isi bahane hi sahi Grp me bande aate rahenge ,,nahi to yuhi bore ho jate PO 4 Notification ka wait karte karte selection to pata nahi kiska hoga...per bande form to sab bharenge hi ,,mujhe chor ke

  5. Anonymous4/05/2014

    sbi job notification
    Salary 70,000. Then wt will be salary after bank wage revision?

    1. Anonymous4/05/2014

      sbi salary is around 34-35. my friend is select in sbi po 2013

  6. reexam cgl 2013 ki date kya hai ? plz tell me..

  7. Selected in BOI PO. yo yo \m/.

  8. why i am unable to apply for SBI PO?

  9. Anonymous7/02/2014

    Thanks for sharing useful information for us. I like it so much. please sir provide me the updated info about the SBI PO Recruitment 2014. for apply online ....

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    very helpful info..have started preparing just a week ago. am really very confused. MBA from a good institute. plz suggest the details of SBI Recruitment 2014. please sir send me the updated info on rajatseghal1990@gmail.com

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    Hello sir i am mohmmed salim.I Completed my Graduation with 69% 2013 pass out.so now search job sir can I apply the job of SBI Recruitment 2014. Please Sir suggest me the latets info about this job for apply online …..

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    Please provide me the material on vybhav19@gmail.com of SBI PO Recruitment 2014. Free to apply please provide me the update info about the post for Apply Online …..
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  13. Anonymous7/15/2014

    The call letters for the SBI 2014 exams are now available on internet. This test for the clerks in the SBI will be conducted by the State Bank of India.
    here is many people those are confused about the way sbi recruits.

  14. Anonymous7/15/2014

    if you. want a government job in sbi you can apply now because in that time there is many jobs are notified by sbi..
    government job in sbi.....you can find your bright future with sbi.

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    is there any bond in sbi for PO