RBI Gr B Preparation Strategy for Final selection 2015 {RBI} Study material

RBI is banker's bank of India - the highest authority in banking industry. Naturally it commands significant respect in society as well. RBI Grade B recruitment is the highest level of regular recruitment that RBI goes for.

  • Economic questions have a very important place in all the phases including the interview, for obvious reasons
  • Paper 1 has 4 sections. Time limit for each section has been removed in the new online exam
  • Phase 2 exam is now descriptive English + objective optional exam. Besides knowing about the topic, you must have the ability to express your answer in best possible words as well. If you know everything, but can't write it, then you practically do not know anything.
  • Sticking to syllabus helps a lot. The best thing is that syllabus is not too wide; don't make it so by imaging things.
  • Keep yourself updated about the current happenings, especially in banking and economy of country.

RBI Grade B 2015 Notification will be soon come out. Are you prepare for it?

For simple level of understanding you must able to answer all these questions asked in RBI Assistant 2015. All questions given with solutions or comment for desired response. See this RTI reply  from RBI asked by one of you. Reply- https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5MtxkUbCJ-zekdDdXpHa1ZTOWM/

Pattern for RBI Exam has already been analysed in previous section - see here. In this section we move on to some aspects which are extremely important to keep at the back of mind at all times while preparing for this exam. Phase wise strategy has been dealed in respective sections.

RBI Grd. B Cut-offClick me.
RBI Grd. B Preparation StrategyClick me.
RBI Grd. B Phase 1 Preparation Help. Click me.
RBI Grd. B Phase 2 Preparation Help. Click me
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Check detailed strategy and suggested books and (free) RBI study material in links - Phase 1 and Phase 2.


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