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RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2015 Strategy, Detail Analysis, How to Prepare, Study Material, etc

Strategy - How to Clear RBI Grade B Officer Exam Phase II? 

RBI Grade B Phase II exam is subjective exam consisting of 3 papers
  • English
  • Economic And Social Issues
  • Finance And Management
Download RBI Previous Papers the papers from this post and look at some question to know where you stand now in these topics. You must be aware of all basic India Economy background

Important things to note in this phase II

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There is no shortage of time in this exam, unlike UPSC, since RBI expects you to write better answer rather than a lengthy answer. Instructions for Descriptive papers says, "Answers will  be judged on the basis of perspective, analysis and presentation rather  than  length." In English word limits for answers will be given and marks deducted on both increasing or decreasing then the word limits given.

The answer to each question must  be started  on a fresh page. - Instructions

Parts of the  same question must be answered together without answers to other questions intervening. - Instructions

Handwriting should be legible. A better handwriting is always rewarding in written exams. Marks will be deducted if handwriting is not legible. - Instructions.


RBI Paper English Section

If you have reached this level( I hope to achieve), then you have already proved your abilities at understanding The English language. 

Structure of RBI English Paper

Total Marks - 100 marks

 Question number     Type Words Marks
 1     Essay 500 40
 2 a Precis writing 250 24
 2 b Passage questions 10
 2 c  Word meanings 6
 3 Office Correspondence      20

1. Essay - It requires 2 things - Content and Presentation

Content would check how well you grasp the subject. You need to put in your views. Factual information is not very necessary but if you add, then it will be good. But do not write wrong information just to create a good impression. The checkers are very intelligent and he will catch you.

The presentation includes a good opening, a rich body and relevant conclusion. In the opening, you must be able to introduce the subject and also give a hint to whatever you are going to write up in next 400-450 words. In the end, you should summarize the essay and give your conclusion. 

In must be noted that radical, anti-India, communal, anti-feminist ideas can fetch you even zero marks!

To be well aware of how a good essay looks like, you may refer to following books. 

2. Precis Writing and Office Correspondence

For this, refer to the 'Part IV: Written Composition Paragraph-Writing' of Wren and Martin Book 
You may have already bought it for phase - I
There are many times a confusion about the correct format of office correspondences. For that I suggest you follow what RBI follows. RBI has put many notices, letters etc. in the public domain. They can be checked up.


Economic And Social Issues For RBI Exam

In this paper
  • You have to answer only 5 out of 10 questions. Yep, huge choices!
  • All questions carry equal marks. total marks are 100. So each question has 20 marks. But each question has further 2 or 4 sub-questions. 
  • Answers may be written  either in English or in Hindi at the candidate's option. However, all  the  questions should be answered only in the language so chosen. 

Even though the paper's name includes Social Issues, even the social issues many times have economic roots. For example, unemployment is an economic issue but it impacts more socially than economically. So I suggest focusing on the Economic side more.

Since you are at this level, you must read all the books referred in the previous section (Phase I books). If not, do add that to the list. 
I am copy pasting from that section here - 

1. Start with NCERT to build a good base - download from NCERT website. NCERT books are available in 3 languages - Hindi, English and Urdu
        - Indian Economic Development - class XI
        - Indian People and Economy - class XII
        - Macroeconomics - class XII

2. Move ahead with
        - The Indian Economy (from Sanjeev Verma) - For basics of economics
        - Indian Economy (from Ramesh Singh) - For basics of economics
        - Pratiyogita Darpan: Indian Economy - helps in understanding current events related to Indian economy

Buy any one of Sanjeev Verma or Ramesh Singh, even if you are buying Pratiyogita Darpan. For phase II, basics should be very clear. In Verma/Singh are more relevant than PD.


After that - I suggest the books - Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh(latest 5th edition is about to be released soon) and Dutt and Sundaram. Dutt n Sundaram will cover most of the topics of Financial part of next paper also.

Finance And Management For RBI Exam

In this paper
  • Attempt  any 3 questions(out of 5) from  Section I (Finance) and  any 2(out of 4) questions from section II (Management). 
  • All  questions carry  equal marks. So each is worth 20 marks.
  • The answer must be brief  and to the point.

Finance - For this Dutt and Sundaram will be good enough, especially the unit 'Indian Financial System' and those following it. 

Mishra and Puri are also a very similar book with almost similar structure. You may refer to it,  BUT only if Dutt is not available.

Management - My study of Public Administration helped me very well in my earlier attempt. And so far I have failed to find a book decent enough for RBI and yet not too close to the management courses(especially Organisational behavior)
So I recommend here one course of IGNOU Public Administration - Human Resource Management (alternate working link here). It covers largely most of the topic of Management paper. This is available free of cost. You will have to register on this website first which is free of cost.

I hope you will find this helpful. For any query, you can post the matter at the Discussion page.

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