{IBPS} Bangalore Interview Experience Jan 2015

Interview experience: 19 January 2015, Morning Session, panel - 1 
Syndicate bank learning centre, bangalore.
Panel I- 8.30am
Document verification done by clerical staff 1 on 1 basis - 9.30am
, interview Starts at 10am
in panel there are 1 Lady, 5 Gentlemen
Greetings to all of them in opening of my career, was asked to take seat
M1 (Male): So Mayur, tell me about yourself and family in short within 2 minutes.
me: Explained
M1: You are a B.Tech graduate and worked in IT. Why did you opt for banking
as career option now?
me: While working I realized that my motivation was to serve in government sector and specifically banking sector because I think banks are the building blocks of our economy or any country economy. We help people to stand on their feet, we help the business grow and also we help social causes.
M2 (Male): So you are from Belgaum, tell me something about your city.
me: Belgaum is famous for kunda, it is also called sugar bowl of karnataka due to favorable conditions for sugarcane growth, also the suvarna soudha assembly is established recently, so that makes it the second capital of karnataka
M3: Tell me something about swachha bharat abhiyan
me: Explained
M3: If you are posted in some place , what role would you play as a banker?
me: Will provide loans for sanitation projects
M3: Good
M4: You have done engineering in communications, tell me what is GPS
me: Explained. 
M4: What is GPRS?
me: Explained
M4: Good
M4: Recently, there is decrease in global fuel prices, what is the reason?
me: Sir, this is in competition to USA and the aim for reduction is to make the production of Shale gas economically unviable.
M4: Good. This is the main reasons, apart from that there are some other reasons too. It is also about demand and supply, can you think?
me: Sir, they have increased the supply and i think thats profitable to them as emerging economies are ever demanding in fossil fuels
M4: Actually the demand has decreased, due to other forms of energy in USA. So they want to supply more to encourage them to buy more by reduced prices.
me: Kept saying ok as he explained.
M5: What is banking?
me: Business of lending money and accepting deposits from the public. Primary motive is profit, but apart from that, social initiatives is also a major role
M5: what is profits?
me: Interests earned by the bank on loans , and also through government securities, treasury bills
M3: You have mentioned only about interests earned on money, but apart from that, is there any other activity which banks do?
me: Insurance is one sector where banks are pioneering, RBI has also been liberal to banks recently to increase insurance penetration.
M5: Good
Lady: What are the different types of deposits in bank?
me: Current account, savings account, FD, RD. Current Ac are for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Savings are general public. Banks don't pay interest in Current account. In savings accounts, operating cost is not so high, so banks pay interest to depositors. FD are where we park money for a certain period and interest in given on maturity
M2: Do you know to read, write and speak kannada?
me: I can read and speak fluently, but not so fluent in writing. I can write a few letters. Even though my mother tongue is kannada, I have done my entire education in maharashtra so I am not so fluent at it.
M4: In form you have not mentioned hindi, are you not comfortable?
 If you are posted to northern states, how will you manage?
me: Sir ,In the form there was option for only 3 languages so i filled up english, marathi and kannada. But I am fluent in hindi, so I am comfortable anywhere
M1: You resigned 2 years back, so what were you doing till now?
me: I was preparing for various competitive exams.
M1: Like? 
me: All bank exams, SSC, UPSC
M1: Is this your first interview or attended any other?
me: Attended SBI clerical.
M1: Results?
me: Not yet declared
M1: what was you score there?
me: Sir they didnt disclose
M1: What about scores in IBPS PO
me: Sir, that too is not disclosed
M4: Cut off is 80 right?
me: Yes sir.
They look at each other and say thats all, thank you
They offer me a mango bite and said dont be nervous, be comfortable. I accepted and said thanks
They wished all the best . I said thanks to all members once again and walk out of the room. 
Hope this gives some input to you fellow candidates.

Wish you all the best for your interviews!!!


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