Calculator Trick: How to calculate the nth root of a number by using a basic calculator?

How to calculate the nth root of a number by using a basic calculator.

While I was preparing for my IPCE (CA Examination) papers we (students) had to deal with a lot of numerical problems. The easy ones involving use of basic calculations like addition, multiplication, etc. were obviously a piece of cake for us. But, fear strikes us when we had to calculate nth root, especially the  cubic or fourth root of a given number as there is not a predefined function on the calculators to do so. 

The teacher who taught us Accountancy came to our rescue. It was nothing less than a ABRACADABRA for us because, by simply hitting a few buttons on our calculators we had the answer.

The trick works as follows. 
Suppose, you have to evaluate the cube root of 4096

Step 1- Type 4096 on the calculator.
Step 2- Hit the √ sign 12 times.
Step 3- Subtract 1 from the result.
Step 4- Divide the number on screen by 3(or as per your problem by 'n').
Step 5- Add 1 to the result.
Step 6- Now hit "x & =" simultaneously 12 times.

And, you have the answer.

Hope you get the desired answer by watching this video.  
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