Kejriwal: What life lesson Arvind Kejriwal has taught me?

We asked may users to share one life lesson that Arvind Kejriwal Tought you?- We got some shocking answers by them.

There will come times when the whole world will be against you, cursing you, slapping you, or joking about you. But if you know that what you stand for is right then you must not stop because soon they will kneel down.


The biggest problem of this country is not corruption. It is neither terrorism. The biggest problem of this country are those young boys and girls who grow up in this country using our country's resources and then say - "I hate politics."

You can't afford to
hate politics. The politics of this country is democracy. 
Democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. 
The day people stop taking active part in the politics of this country, democracy will not survive.

Also , come to think of Arvind Kejriwal , he also taught me that -
 "Haste makes waste".-- Benjamin Franklin 

Just like you take out time for your family and your friends, you will have to take out time for the country, if you wish to save India.

There also some lesson learnt mentions as a points.

1) He has taught me that people who actually want to make a difference, do it.

2) He taught me that better than shouting at television every night, it's better to go out there and be the change.

3) There are still people who have the courage to leave the fancy pay packages of foreign companies, and do something for our own country.

4) Fear and courage are the two qualities every person possesses. He took on Shiela Dixit, Narendra Modi, Robert Vadera, Mukesh Ambani without any support from anyone. Fear is not a word that is to exist in your dictionary, if you want to make a difference.

5) Honesty and integrity are values that every person should have, regardless of their profession. He was an IRS officer. Just imagine how much money he could have made in this line of work.

6) Educated people do join politics (for the good).

7) You need conviction to get things done.

8) If you are on the right track, you will make loads of enemy. More importantly, you will find people ready to support you, no matter what the situation is. 

9) If you are on the right track, you must not worry about the allegations and false stories, and keep doing the good work.

10) Be humble. Common men do make it to the top.

11) Failure is necessary for the strong to become invincible.

Above all.. He made me understand what do we mean by 'Responsibility towards the Country'. If every Indian thinks like him, in a matter of few months, India can become the strongest nation on planet. 

The biggest (and the only) lesson that Kejriwal has taught me is - " No one respect Quitters. So do what you have to do , but DON'T QUIT. "