Sustainable Development - Dynamics of urban Planning and Development

National Urban Development Mission being finalized and Smart City programme close to finalization. Here are some practice important questions. there answers will be uploading soon check at regular interval for solutions. 

Q.1.1 What is the need for sustainable development?

Q.1.2 What do you mean by sustainable development?

Q.1.3 What do you mean by Gross Sustainable Development Product? 

Q.1.4 What is the Environmental Kuznets Curve? 

Q.1.5 What are the important measures for the promotion of Sustainable Development?

Q.1.6 Write a few good practices for sustainable Development?

Q.2.1 What is the meaning and significance of public administration?

Q.2.2 What is the relation between public administration and sustainable development?

Q.2.3 What are some of the measures for revitalizing public administration?

Q.2.4 Discuss some of the recent global challenges with regard to public administration?

Q.3.1 What do you mean by Natural Resources Management (NMR) ?

Q.3.2 Write in brief what do you understand by environment?

Q.3.3 What do you understand by biodiversity? 

Q.3.4 What are the important roles of forests in our society?

Q.3.5 Write five major extension approaches which are very much needed for NRM.

Q.3.6 What are the right approaches to soil conservation?

Q.3.7 How can you manage surface water resources? 

Q.4.1 What do you understand by ISO 14001 ?

Q.4.2 What are the key elements of environment management system?