[Urban Development] Route planner Optimizer, Get direction - Save time

It's not a skill but a strategy and might take more than 5 minutes to implement but can save more time everyday than what you invest once in a while.

Optimize your route for shortest time and not distance.  You can use Google navigation 
to find out shortest route possible in order to reach destination but for daily practice in heavily traffic it costs you your time.  For some people time is more costly than petrol.

What you need to know?

  • Shortest route might not be the fastest route (because of traffic).
  • Less traffic does not necessarily mean fast moving traffic. ( It depends more upon the design of your cities traffic signals. By design I mean how are they synchronized with each others.)

What you need to find out?

  • The road map of your city.
  • The location of traffic signals.
  • The schedule of the traffic signals . When they are green and when they are red.( This one is little difficult to find out but one ride with a smart taxi driver can settle this , if he is smart enough to know actually use this method , most of them do)

How to do it ?

  • This is the part that needs little patience and focus.
  • Mark all the junctions and number them.
  • Now on a paper write down all the possible (and viable) routes e.g. a1-b3-b4-c9 find out how much time each route will take. This is our list A
  • Eliminate the routes which take comparatively very high time. This is ourlist B.
  • Now take each route on list B independently .
  •  At junctions if you find red light , change the direction to the green route and see if you can find another route to get to your destination . Find time taken . Do this for all the junctions . Say this is our list B1 .
  • Now take other routes on list B and  using the previous step find determine the alternative :List B2 , B3 ,etc .
  • Now , compare the time taken for each route on Lists B1,B2,B3,etc.
  • Shortest time is your route.

Go ahead and give a miss to "you are late again " look from your boss,wife , mom , kids and whoever demands your valuable time.


  1. This methods works only for planned cities with heavy traffic. 
  2. Routine journeys can be planned this way.
  3. Often , you would find the shortest route is the fastest route too .