IOT- Internet of Things

The Future of word is here Internet of things- IOT.

we will discuss many points on this and in near future you can expect no. of  questions ask on this topics.

here is a brief descriptions of overview what will we discuss on this platform.

  1. The nature of IOT?
  2. Features benefits and applications 
  3. Challenges in IOT implementations
  4. Challenges and threats 

Basically its a interconnection of peoples like us with things on large scale platform. 

 Projector of term "IOT" - K.v. National. 
when he speak up this term IOT in the presentation in 1999 even he don't know how big it get to be.

the take off  stage is arrived as projected of tragedy is year 2015. 

this is simply a projected idea and keep coming back on this post for to the point exam oriented approach.
 we will update this article  with time .

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