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[NABARD] 2015 GK Questions - all questions with solutions, previous year paper

Here we shared a complete list of questions asked in NABARD Exam held on 1 march 2015.
For your reference only these are the questions shared by our friends who attempted today exam. 

Who is the chairman of 7th pay commission? - Ashok Kumar Mathur
2. Head of EAC of payment bank??
3. Per capita milk production highest in which state? - Punjab
4. SWIFT was found at which place?? - Brussels
5. Player who got the highest value in IPL auction??
6. State with highest GDP??  - Maharashtra
7. Printers and screen are what type of devices??
8. Collection of files is called??
9. Which one is not an input device??
10. Head of Expenditure Management committee?? - Bimal Jalan
11. Rate at which banks borrow money from RBI??
12. Extension of word file??
14. step by step procedure of working system??

15. Foreign secretary of India?? - 
 S Jaishankar 
16. which provides task to components of computer to do work??
17. World cup venue 2015?? - Australia & New Zealand
18. Which state focussed on yoga guru as ambassador(something like that)?? - Haryana
19. Main difference between application and system software??
20. Headquarters of UNICEF?? - New York City

21. Data flow in CPU through??
22. Contactless card by which bank?? -ICICI Bank
23. Largest stock exchange??
24. who refused to receive bronze medal??
25. NITI Aayog head??
26. payment bank amount needed??
27. how many app receive for payment banks??
28. head of committee on banking licences??
30. first state post office ATM launch?? 
31. UNO Started which day??
32. who sign 1 rupees note??
33. Small banks startup capital??

34. New censor board chairperson? - Pahlaj Nihalani

35. Indian scheme to get registered in Guinness Book of World Record -  Jan Dhan Yojana

36. Only Indian to score century against Pakistan in WC - Virat Kohli

Quants Questions 

1. A rectangular solid has sides all integer less than 13. this solid has volume 84. If one side is 12 find the Surface Area of this Rectangular Solid?

2. A basket has 30 eggs kept in it . of which 6 eggs found rotten. Two eggs randomly were chosen .find the probability that at least one egg is rotten . ?

Evening Shift

1. Vistara tagline 'Fly the new Feeling'
2. Samsung's belongs to which country - South Korea
3. CAFRAL headed by
4. total request for payment bank
5. Paulina Vega who was crowned Miss Universe recently is from which country?-Colombia
6. first lady officer to lead the Inter-Service Guard of Honour
7. UNICEF headquarter
8. Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas hosted by - Gujarat
9. Expenditure Management Commission headed by
10. Who will sign new one rupee notes - Finance Secretary
11. 500-notes dead line
12. Minimum capital required for small bank  - Rs.100 crore
13. Highest growing state - Madhya Pradesh
14. First post office ATM
15. Cashless debit card facility by?
16. Who launched digital India project in Gujarat Akodara village
17. NITI headed by?
18. Who refused medal in Asian games
19. Costliest IPL player
20. SWIFT started in - Brussels
21. Name of scheme for direct benefits transfer - PAHAL
22. 7th Pay Commission chairman
23. No. of Credit info companies in India
24. Per capita milk production highest in which state?
25. RBI External Advisory Committee
26. Grammy award
27. Rate at which banks borrow money from RBI - Repo Rate
28. Foreign secretary
29. Countries organizing 2015 world cup
30. Baba Ram dev ambassador
31. Book my sanjay baru
32. Remittance limit
33. Basel 3 norm
34. First humanoid robot staffed hotel in which country?
35. Name of bank account for beti bachao beti padhao -  Sukanya Samriddhi
36. No of teams in cricket world cup 2015 - 14 
37. Chairman of sangeetha natak academy
38.How many payment banks got licence recently__
39. Biggest stock exchange

40.committee for small bank application

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