[Urban] affordable housing, its challenges and housing development.

What do you mean by affordable housing? Who are the stockholders of housing development?

After reading this article you may answers the following

  • Explain housing concepts, types and classification
  • Discuss factors influencing housing pattern and housing shortage
  • Describe affordable and inclusive housing
  • Analyses housing policies and plans
some topics are discussed rest discussed later. 

Housing is the integral part of the town planning And defining the concept of affordability is complex.  

Affordable housing is the – ability and willingness to pay.  It’s a concept which different from person to person.  

A large numbers of private companies have recently come forward to put up affordable housing projects in various cities.  Value Budget Housing Corporation in Bangalore and Tata Housing at Boisar are good example of affordable housing. Where houses are in the range of 3-18 lakh has been considered as the affordable range.

Government of India set up HLTF - High Level Task Force to look into the various aspects of providing affordable housing in india.

The affordability of a house in a given location of the country is the outcome of the following factors:

  1. Household income
  2. House Price Numbers
  3. Age of the family members
  4. Spending  and Saving
  5. Policies of mortgage Funding Agencies

The stakeholders in housing development are

  1. Real Estate Developers and Brokers
  2. Public  private partnerships
  3. Slums and squatter settlements
  4. Illegal land colonization

Real Estates Developers and Brokers operate in cities to produce housing of various types –villas, apartments, townships etc.

How it will help?
Delhi has three critical problems such as water, sanitation and housing. Here comes role of local bodies in development in Delhi. 

They usually cater to the upper income population and the quality of the products is invariably better as compared to those of the public housing authorities.