[UPSC] A little Guide to Culture Prelims and Mains Exam - Temple Style

A little guide to culture

To complete the culture syllabus; the most important thing is to differentiate the topics. 

After differentiating try to make 50/60 lines notes on each topic.

One important topic for culture is Temple style

It covers both pre+ mains. 
I am here giving outlines on this topic. 
For further query comment Below. Will try to help updates as per time.

A- General Studies 

  1. Beginning of Temples.
  2. Development of Temples 
  3. Differentiation of Temples 

B- Extensive Study 

  1. Methodology in Temple  
  2. Architecture in Temple
  3. Sculpture in temple
  4. Painting in temple 
  5. Dance in temple 
  6. Music in temple 

C- In-Depth Study

  1. Temple and Contemporaneity society.
  2. Similarities and Differences in Temple and mosque. 
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