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Rapid Urbanization Problems and Remedies in India Public Safety, Safety for Women

Urbanisation in India is today unplanned and random. This leads to crowding and development of slums. When it comes to 'public safety' especially 'safety of women', present infrastructure in urban spaces are extremely inadequate to deal with it.

Right, kind of urbanisation with respect to 'public safety' should include -

(a) Enough lighting on the roads.
(b) Continuous patrol by security forces i.e. police
(c) CCTV cameras spread throughout the cities.
(d) Proper registration and regulation on city transport operators especially taxi and bus drivers, so that cases such as Delhi rape do not occur again.
(e) Regularisation of slum areas and improvement in their condition.
(f) Sensitization of youth towards women in general and towards good values in particular and special care for their education.
(g) Community policing
(h) Use of technology to connect public with security forces, such as distress signal app in smartphones.
(i) Strict laws and severe punishment against crime perpetrators, so as to serve as effective deterrent against such crimes.
(j) Economic uplifting of weaker sections of society, and reducing the gap between rich and poor i.e. inclusive development.

So, 'women safety' in specific and 'public safety' in urban plans can be ensured this way. According to Indian Government, upto 2035 AD, more than 50% of Indian population will live in urban areas. So, looking at 'safety' aspect is compulsory for 'safe', 'peaceful' and 'secure' future in our country.

some safety measures in the naxalism areas like chattisgarh and punjab where its risky to go out after 7 pm approx

---Public safety has become as a major concern in the country today, with the news of molestations and killings becoming an everyday affair.
---Also, it has been seen that such incidents are mostly concentrated in some specific corners of the country, which can be attributed to the difference in infrastructural measures
undertaken by the govt.
---The “right kind” of urbanisation needed for ensuring public safety includes, having adequate transport facilities, which can run reliably till late night. Also, such modes of transport can be made safer by increasing surveillance in them.
---More police personnels can be employed, by diving the day and night shifts, alongwith adequate lightening in all parts of the city.
---Urbanisation also includes the modernisation in mentality of the citizens, as a conservatist society also does not allow the women to stay outdoors late at night and according to a recent survey, women don’t feel safe staying out late at night in such societies. So, the dominant patriarchal society also prevents the progress of “right kind” of urbanisation
---For long term solutions, conflict prone areas also need to be addressed adequately, as it is more difficult to modernise such areas, as compared to other areas.
---So, to effectively undertake public safety measures, there should be cooperative effort to attain development on infrastructural, educational and social front, so as to make the society safer for all sections of society.

certain more measures-
1. cities should be developed according to planned layouts leaving out less or no secluded areas. eg. chandigarh.
2.regular updation of maps according to changed face of city.
3.increased patrolling in secluded areas.
4.all women police forces, bus services, cabs etc.
but this all should be done with a great care so that adequate public safety is provided and at the same time it does not lead to over policing which impinges upon the freedom of an individual.

Indian cities are witnessing unprecented growth of population due to Urbanisation. Law and order became a major challenge due to this phenomenon. Increased crime, broad day light murders, atrocities against women etc have raised the question of 'right kind' of urbanisation meaning the one which ensures public safety.

Right kind of Urbanisation with public safety include

1. Better infrastructure like street lights, connectivity to all corners of cities

2.Better administration like visible policing, night patrolling

3.Increased awareness and responsibility of population towards crimes like reporting incidents, helping victims on roads etc,

4. Meeting needs like drinking water, public transport, electricity to avoid conflicts.

5. Use of technology to connect with citizens by local municipalties, public authorities, administration wings for information and governance

6. Encouraging NGOs, Civil society and youth especially women to actively participate in healthy debates on needs and priorities for harmonious living.

7. Increased usage of Social media for linking government, citizens, media, NGOs etc.

Right kind of urbanisation is needed for growing middle class and ever increasing population in Indian cities. The steps for women safety are tightly coupled with general governance and better managment of affairs of the city.

Urbanisationis not a panacea for concerns about public safety and even can not be blamed
for crimes or other mishappenings.It is a over urbanisation which is a main
culprit.India is a typical case of handicapping every limb which comes under
ideal urbanisation model-

Factor whichmakes india worst case-
1)urbanpopulation is far more than the capacity of cities.
2)push ofrural poverty is stronger than pull of urban centre.
3)disparityin urbanization i.e western india more urbanized as compare to eastern india
increases more migration.
The abovesaid factors causes population implosition which further causes unemployment
and give birth to crime.people feel more unsafe where inequality is more like
more rich urban and poor unemployed rural people living in nearby areas.lack of
basic amenities further give boost to attacks.
A right kind of urbanization is a model in which growth and development become
Where gap between rich and poor decreases day by day and women feel safe like money in
There should be better amenities(such as street lights) and often have buses or even a metro that runs reliably
until late at night. This demonstrates the positive secondary effects on the
larger social environment when building infrastructure. For these reasons, the largest cities continue to be perceived as the safest places to live in India where people feel safe even midnight 
Increase police patrolling. 
. Register FIRs in all cases of rape, sexual harassment 
Use technology: All public transport must be on GPS, install CCTVs on buses, create
common database accessible by police and other enforcement agencies.
most importantly she need a freedom.
at last until we can not change our mind set, women can not feel safe .

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