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Why are most engineers unemployed? - Nobody buys snow in antarctica

Due to unnecessary reservation in every exams..
i m totally agree with that, all credit goes to dumb and mean Indian government politics.... and condition get worse when there is no electronic companies for electronics engineers.

Reply from a reader copy paste start - I am formally educated in India. So, i decided why not write about the poor quality of education in India.

Why are most Engineers Unemployed in India? 

Let me tell you,

Indian education is over hyped. I accept India is a great country but Indian education on the other hand is not great at all. I am a B.Tech computer engineer and i got all my education in India. Education in India is 99% focused on theoretical aspects. That’s why more and more people in India are unemployed and even if they get employed they are given former training to equip them with the latest industry trends. If you say me to rate Indian education, I will give it a flat 3 out of 10. So why is Indian education so much worse? why? Because of the following reasons: 1. The faculty in Indian colleges are neither trained well nor they have that much knowledge. Remember i am not talking about IITs and like colleges. Gone are the days when teaching was considered a good profession. Now people generally go in the teaching line because they did not get job elsewhere. There are exceptions however. 2. Now teachers do not want to teach students they just want to do their jobs. 3. Teacher themselves are not too curious.Today technology is virtually changing every six months.They just have outdated knowledge which does not serve any purpose today. 4. The syllabus itself is very old and nobody is taking pains to change or modify them. B.Tech is a great course because it takes 4 years of our life but what do we get in return- Just superficial knowledge on each and every subject which never helps even a bit in our future endeavors.Nobody wants to take a fresh graduates because they know fresh graduates do not have anything to offer to the industry. I blame it full on the indian politicians and education systems. To be continued…..

What is the reason of unemployment in engineering in India?
Hello Engineers.

please share your story of unemployment days

I would like to know reasons for unemployment

How much money do you spend on training after graduation?

How much money do spend on recruitment agencies?

How many interviews did you given and failed in all interviews? 

How many days or months do spend on searching jobs?

some of the reasons
College don't give placement
preparing for masters but spend lots of time more that 1-2 years
preparing for civil services exams
preparing for government jobs
try for MNCs 
try for foreign countries

few articles for reference
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Why engineering graduates are unemployed in India?

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I shall answer your question only, not the list of subquestions (most of which are personal questions in a domain I have not experienced).

Some of the reasons for unemployment are
Too many engineers. There are only so many new jobs being created every year. The number of new engineers is far higher.
Lack of exposure. Most Indian engineering colleges provide no or very bad internship opportunities. Most engineers have no clue what the industry actually is like.
Pathetic syllabus. I mean, teaching C using TurboC? Seriously? Most CS/IT engineers have no idea of how to ensure security in their C code. One line of sloppy code created a disaster like HeartBleed. Of course companies don't want to hire sloppy (or ignorant) engineers.
Lack of knowledge. Very few engineers actually know anything about their field. My dad recently hired a CSE graduate as a system admin. The guy can't find his way around a *nix terminal. He has no clue that stuff like grep, cut and comm can be piped together to do something useful. Yet he has studied UNIX as part of his coursework. He can't write programs to change the format of a CSV file. Yet, he has extremely good grades in at least 3 subjects dealing with 3 different programming languages. Indian engineering college rewards rote learning, not knowledge. Why should someone hire these engineers? (Except for the fact that they need engineers, and pathetic ones are the only kind available)
Rigidity. Most Indian engineering students are incapable of working without strict guidelines. For most product companies, this is a problem. Engineers have to think. Not just follow orders.
Lack of discipline. Seriously. Tell an engineering student that tomorrow's test is cancelled. I will bet s/he will stop studying. This is really not acceptable. No employer has the patience to ensure there is always a carrot on the stick to keep you focussed.
Attitude issues. Indian engineering students are for the most part incapable of acknowledging that they screwed up. I know people who have been recruited simply because they could accept that they screwed up. It's really important in a job that you can man up and acknowledge your mistakes before it becomes a very costly bug in the final product.

When supply outstrips demand naturally there will be a surplus of the stock. Also the general quality of engineering education in India is pathetic to be frank.
PS: I study in a premier institute, hence I guess my future is relatively safe. I have many friends who study in what can be called as tier-3/tier-4 colleges (at the bottom of the pecking order) and they have a tough ordeal ahead of them in terms of getting a job etc etc. The golden age of engineering education in India has ended.

As Aman Sinha said there are very less engineers who holds a really sound knowledge. If you have excellent communication skills with some technical knowledge and if you can present anything confidently, you can crack any interview. If an interviewer feels you are a right candidate for their company then you are in. All you have to do is to convince your interviewer with your answers confidently.

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hope you get some how the view of Why most of the engineers Unemployed?- feel free to share your story. in comment section and any reasons or view to remove unemployment from our country. 

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