500+ General Awareness Question with special reference to Banking Industry for IBPS 2016

This is a compact, crisp, to the point one liner questions answer series for your IBPS 2016 exams. You need to spend next 5 min on this post just to read these General Awareness Question with special reference to Banking Industry for IBPS 2016 with solutions which are already has been asked by IBPS this year under various different exam conducted by IBPS after last year Mains IBPS 2014 exam.  

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Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; 
but make it hot by striking.

भाग्य पर नहीं, चरित्र पर निर्भर रहो ।

this post now consists of 405+60+38+28+27+26 questions from recently conducted IBPS exams with solutions. 
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We must let you know that you can easily expect 5-8 questions from this single post which covers this years IBPS Exams Questions for your Online Exam

[Transmission lines] Clearance for Electrical Power energy Transmission Towers in India

Reviving Urban India-Smart City Hub - Affordable Housing, Citizen Services, Public Safety, Youth leadership Programs

E-governance and citizen services, waste management, urban mobility, water management, energy management form the core principles of the smart city hub plan.

Complete list of Punchlines/Tagline, Apps, Schemes of Banks work in India useful for Cometitive Exams like IBPS/SBI/RBI/SIDBI/NABARD

Easy Bank Account now also at newly RBI approved licenced bank - Bandhan Bank. This is a new bank in India it is very much important for competitive exam questions this time. Let us start with discussing few key points about Bandhan Bank.

[KD Campus] SSC CGL Mains Test Series 2015 mock sample papers with solution

Here you will get all the Questions papers for SSC CGL Mains examination free.
SSC CGL PDF Question paper can be download by click on desired test number you can also get awnser key for that particular SSC CGL Test Series question paper. 


You can also check SSC CGL Prelims Test Series of KD Campus free for maths and english section for selective study of SSC CGL Mains 2015. 

[XLPE Cables] - A Complete Guide - Electrical Engineering Services Product Manual details

What is the full form of XLPE Cables? Enlighten its usage in power transmission. 

Cross Linked Polyethylene Power Cables are commonly know as XLPE cables.

What XLPE cables means - These are having extremely high melting point, with light weight, small dimension, low dielectric constant and high mechanical strength.

All Important Schemes of Governemnt that can be asked in Any Competitive Exams: Pm schemes

After comming to power last year, BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has sought to address many structural Challenges, Including Problems Related to sanitation, urbanization and healthcare, through a mission approch. 

We related Competitive Intelligence essential points for all such major missions launched by governmnet as a Important Schemes for your upcomming cometitive examinations.

List of Top Companies having CEO from India

Top companies CEO from India 

SSC CGL 2015 English Questions - Complete list one point destination

How to study English and make best out of it?
  1. Always try to use phrasal words rather than vocal words.
  2. Stop using grammar book for learning English.
  3. Be a good listener/ also a good speaker.
  4. Learn deeply..
  5. View a story and speak it in different tenses.
  6. Only use real English sources/materials.
  7. Listen - understand - analysis - respond.

{SSC} CGL 2015 GK Questions - Complete List Combined

Complete SSC CGL 2015 Question paper

Download SSC CGL 2015, 16th August Evening Paper 

{NABARD} Recruitment Syllabus website news Previous papers 2018 Notification

Questions asked in General Awareness (RBI Grade B Exam 2018) You may expect these type of questions in NABARD Recruitment Exam 2018.

{RBI Assistant} Recruitment One Complete Post for Cut off+Salary+Previous Papers GK

RBI Assistant Recruitment 2015 was conducted in months of August 2015 by IBPS Online examinations. 

[IDBI Manipal PO] Officer Recruitment Question Paper Analysis Answer 2016

Exam is @ 9 A.M. Starts at 10 am. to 12 noon. 

4 sections like IBPS exams. 

Name of the Test

Constitutional Powers of The President and The Prime Minister : [President Vs Prime Minister]- राष्ट्रपति और प्रधानमंत्री की संवैधानिक शक्तियां

Under this article, we discuss and give you a little logical trick to remember constitutional powers of the President. Simultaneously we will discuss constitutional powers of Prime minister also.

President Vs Prime Minister

As all must be aware of the basic rules and authorities of each post. Here we let you remember for your rest of life.

I will let you know the way my sister explained it to me:

President is Papa
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