Constitutional Powers of The President and The Prime Minister : [President Vs Prime Minister]- राष्ट्रपति और प्रधानमंत्री की संवैधानिक शक्तियां

Under this article, we discuss and give you a little logical trick to remember constitutional powers of the President. Simultaneously we will discuss constitutional powers of Prime minister also.

President Vs Prime Minister

As all must be aware of the basic rules and authorities of each post. Here we let you remember for your rest of life.

I will let you know the way my sister explained it to me:

President is Papa

  1. Official head of the Family
  2. No internal powers but all internal actions are taken in the name of Papa
  3. He is to maintain Foreign Affairs
  4. Papa can only act on aid and advice of mummy
  5. Mostly act as a Stamp
  6. Have discretionary powers as he can hold decision or delay any particular topic.
  7. All the children file mercy petitions to PAPA

Mummy is Prime Minister

  1. Actual head of the family.
  2. All finance related matters are approved by mummy.
  3. All the family related matters are planned and approved by Mummy.
Hope it helps. :)

Email ID of Minister 

  • Email ID of President of India - president of india @ rb . nic . in
  • Email ID of Prime Minister of India - Don't have Official Email ID  narendramodi 1234 @ gmail . com

There are alternate ways to interact with Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, although they are also moderated.
  1. Twitter @narendramodi
  4. Narendra Modi official app from Play Store.
You need to register to be able to send message.
Only selected messages would be sent to the PM, for the obvious reason that he can't read or respond to millions of messages.

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