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500+ General Awareness Question with special reference to Banking Industry for IBPS 2016

This is a compact, crisp, to the point one liner questions answer series for your IBPS 2016 exams. You need to spend next 5 min on this post just to read these General Awareness Question with special reference to Banking Industry for IBPS 2016 with solutions which are already has been asked by IBPS this year under various different exam conducted by IBPS after last year Mains IBPS 2014 exam.  

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Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; 
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भाग्य पर नहीं, चरित्र पर निर्भर रहो ।

this post now consists of 405+60+38+28+27+26 questions from recently conducted IBPS exams with solutions. 
comment for constant support and what you need for your exams and suggestions. 

We must let you know that you can easily expect 5-8 questions from this single post which covers this years IBPS Exams Questions for your Online Exam

500+ General Awareness Question with special reference to Banking Industry for IBPS 2015 compilation of various examination this year by IBPS server only for NIACL 2015, UIICL 2015, NICL 2015 & LIC AAO 2015 :-

1. Where is NATO Headquarters located?  - Brussels
2. P
ersonality associated with National Youth Day ? - Swami Vivekanand
3. Which portfolio J.P Nadda hold under as a Cabinet Minister ? - Health Minister
4. Madan Mohan Malviya newspaper name ? - Hindustan Times

5. Gyan Sangam Retreat held in ? - Pune
6. National Health Day celebrate on? - April 7
7. AB de villers fastest 150 against in ODI against which country recently? - West Indies
8. Which type of Tax abolished in Budget 2015 ? - Wealth Tax
9. CNG train route besides Rewari- Rohtak : Rewari and Bikaner
10. Economic Survey 2015-16 prepared by whom ? - Aravind Subramaniam and team
11. Who was declared as NITI Aayog vice-chairman: Arvind 

12. T-20 world cup 2016 venue declared by ICC ? : India
13. What is the name of Iraq capital ? : Baghdad
14. Who was the Latest Euro member ? : Lithuania
15. First chairmanship in New Development Bank is from which country ? : India
16. Who is the Foreign Secretary of India ? - S. Jaishankar
17. Where is the Headquarters of UNICEF located ? - New York
18. World Cup Venue – Australia & New Zealand
19. Ramdev Baba has been named Ambassador of which state ? - Haryana
20. Banks borrow money from RBI at which rate ? - Repo Rate

21. Recently RBI introduced Payment bank on recommendation of which Govt. committee ? - Nachiket More Committee
22. Card less started by which bank- ICICI
23. Largest stock exchange in the world is ? - New York
24. Swift started by which country ? - Brussels
25. Who refused to received Bronze medal ? - Sarita Devi
26. NITI Ayog head ? - PM Modi 

27. Expenditure commission head ? - Bimal Jalan
28. Payment bank amount needed ? -100cr
29. Head of committee on banking license ? – Bimal Jalan

30. Small banks startup capital- 100Cr
31. First Post office ATM – Chennai
32. Chairman of 7th pay commission-Ashok Kumar Mathur
33. Till now how many applications received for payment banks? 41
34. First post office ATM in india - Chennai
35. Highest Milk productivity is in which state of India? - Punjab
36. Player who got highest value in IPL 7 auction?- Yuvraj
37. State with highest GDP?
38. Who sign 1 rupees note? Finance Secretary
39. DBTL scheme started by govt for LPG subsidy - PAHAL
40. Amount of Over Draft Facility under Jan Dhan Yojana - Rs 5000
41. World Cup Teams - 14
42. First player to score century form India against Pak in WC - Kohli
43. Amount doubles under Kisan Vikas Patra - 100 months
44. Ceiling Amount under KVP - No ceiling
45. Who replaced Leila Samson - Prahlaj Niklani
46. WTO member - 160
47. Which Indian scheme registered in Guinness Book of World Record - Jan Dhan Yojana
48. Under 17 FIFA World Cup hosting country - India
49. Nobel prize for economics 2014 - Jean Tirole
50. Maximum cancer cases is in which state of India - Punjab

51. Indian Company with max turnover as per fortune 500 - IOCL
52. EMI full form - Equated Monthly Installment
53. Who appoints ombudsmen - RBI
54. MacMohan line divides which countries? - India and China
55. Which is used by banks in their daily routine working and transactions? Negotiable
instruments Act
56. Arun Jaitley is a Rajya sabha member from which state? Gujarat
57. NABARD full form. - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
58. Which is fastest channel for transferring money - - RTGS
59. Largest iron ore mine in world - Carajás Mine, Brazil 

60. Which is most profit making PSU company in INDIA - ONGC
61. Naira is the currency of which country? Nigeria
62. Location of Headquarters of WTO and IAEA - Geneva & Vienna.
63. Which is the following is the non - institutional credit - Trade Credit
64. IFRS full form - International Financial Reporting Standards
65. Nehru Trophy with which game - Football
66. NDB full form - New Development Bank
67. Least populous state in India as per census 2011 - Sikkim
68. Godavari Pushkaralu is organised in which state? - Andhra Pradesh
69. Corporate Social Responsibility committee headed is by - Anil Baijal
70. Ajinke Rahane and Raidu related to which game? - Cricket
71. S. Jaishankar is appointed as? - Foreign Secretary
72. Whom did Saina Nehwal defated in Syed Modi Grand trournament? Caroline Marin
73. Chillika lake is in which state of India? Orissa
74. World Food Program is in? Rome
75. Recently who Received Padma Vibhushan award?
76. Malaysian currency - Ringgit
77. Next I20 Matches Will be held on which Country - India
78. World Social Justice Day - 20 February
79. Orapa, largest diamond mine is in which place? - Botswana
80. Savio cup held in which place? Maharashtra
81. Durga Prasad IAS cadre officer is the head of? CRPF
82. Who regulates mutual funds? SEBI
83. Cheque which is not crossed is called – Open cheque
84. Zimbabwe President - Robert Mugabe
85. Currency of Japan - Japanese Yen
86. Cricket World Cup 2019 – England and Wales
87. Chao lake is – China
88. Harsimrat Kaur Badal is MP of - Bathinda
89. Baht current of which country - Thailand

90. Where are the head quarters of UNICEF? - New York
91. When do we observe army day? - 15th January
92. Water week started from - 13th January in context with Ganga Rejuvination Plan
93. Who is the current Defence minister of India? - Manohar Parikar 

94. Jim Corbett national park is situated in which state? - Uttarakhand
95. Denmark capital - Copenhagen
96. Which is the Country having maximun gold mines - China
97. Which was the most warmest year ever? - 2014
98. Which were the two new earth like planets discovered? - Kepler 438-b and Kepler 442-b
99. What is the currency of China? - Yuan
100. Rbi cut in repo rate by how much? - 25 basis points

101. There were few questions related to Census 2011
102. Capital of Canada - Ottawa
103. Bhutanese currency - Ngultrum
104. CEO of NITI aayog - Sindhushree Khullar
105. Who is Shinzo Abe - Japenese Prime Minister
106. Who among the following was one of the previous RBI governors? - Y V Reddy
107. Who amng the following is not in the ex officio's list 
in NITI - 5 ministers were given (Members of NITI Aayog Arun jaitely, Rajnath Singh, Suresh Prabhu and Radha Mohan Singh)

108. PK movie director - Raj Kumar Hirani
109. World water day - 22nd March
110. Minister of Road Transport and Highways - Nitin Gadkari
111. World Environment Day is observed on - 05 June
112. Author of "God of small things" - Arundhati Roy
113. WU-14 is launched by- China
114. Speed of Computer is measured in- Hertz
115. New chief of RAW - Mr. Rajinder Khanna
116. Headquarter of International Maritime
Organization (IMO) is situated at - London, UK.
117. Strait time person of the year - Narender Modi
118. Wular Fresh lake in which state of India - Jammu and Kashmir
119. Name of boxer recently banned - Sarita Devi
120. Bandhavgarh National Park is in which state - Madhya Pradesh
121. 1 question from Fiscal Deficit 

122. Chairman of Niti Ayog - PM Narendra Modi
123. Currency Philippines - Philippine peso
124. Brazil capital - Brasilia
125. Sarita devi which sports - Boxing
126. RBI doesn't control which one of them? ICICI Prudential
127. America Canada line - Parallel line 49
128. Who won Nobel Prize in micro economics? - Amartya Sen
129. Fort aguada which state - Goa
130. IMF provides loan to whom? Only Member Countries
131. Next G 20 Summit - Istanbul, Turkey
132. New chief of IB - Dineshwar Sharma
133. Fresh water lake in U.S.A - Lake Superior
134. Purpose of monetary policy?
135. 1 question on which of the following is not a Credit rating agency of india?
136. Which is regulator of commodity market - FMC
137. Cancer day - 4th February
138. Internet users in India in December 2014 - 300 Million
139. Founder of self help groups who won Nobel Prize for this? Mohammad Yunus
140. 1 question on NPA
141. CASA related to?
142. Anirudh jagannath is the PM of which country? - Mauritius
143. Fao headquarters - Rome, Italy
144. Urban development union minister - Venkaiah Naidu
145. According to 2011 census female ratio per 1000 males in Haryana? - 879
146. Confucious prize was awarded to whom? - Fidel Castro
147. Dandi kutir is established in which place recently? - Gandhinagar
148. Wandering in many worlds is autobiography of whom? - V. R. Krishna Iyer
149. Barak Obama wife name - Michelle Obama
150. CVV FULL FORM - Card Verification Value 

151. PAKISTAN CURRENCY - Pakistani Rupee
152. BSBDA A/C FULL FORM - Basic Savings Bank Account
153. Dramatic decade authour? - Pranab Mukherjee
154. IMF headquaters - Washingaton D.C.
155. NITI Ayog vice chairperson - Arvind Panagariya
156. Who is Punkaj mishra - Writer
157. National voters day - 25th January
158. Argentina capital - Buenos Aires
159. Greece currency - Euro
160. BSF Foundation day -1 December
161. RBI regulate which sector - Banking
162. Sachin autobiography - Playing It My Way
163. 2011 highest urban population state - Maharastra
164. 1 = 1024 kb
165. Dong fong missile strike range - Max.550 kms
166. UNISCO Headquater - Paris
167. Roger Federer related to which sport - Tennis
168. Where SAARC summit - Khatmandu,Nepal
169. Summer Olympics venue - China
170. Japan give award - Dr.Manmohan Singh
171. Hudhud affect which coast - Visakhapatnam
172. Bharatnatyam start from which state - Tamil Nadu
173. Agni4 range - 3,000 – 4,000 km
174. Australia capital - Canberra
175. Afghanistan Currency - Afghan Afghani
176. National Youth Day - 12th January
177. 2018 Commonwealth Game - Gold Coast, Australia
178. PMJDY payment card - Rupay
179. Small and Payment bank need how much Capital for startup - 100 Crore
180. Recently people of 13 country make march and pray for world peace in which state - Bihar
181. In india recently Bio fuel Train started from - Rohtak to Rewari
182. External Affair Minister - Smt. Sushma Swaraj
183. Recently Gyan Sangam Held in Pune For what Purpose - Banking Reform
184. APEC summit 2014 venue - Beijing
185. Chief Economic advisor to GOI - Arvind Subramanian
186. Switzerland beat whom to win Davis cup - France
187. Anaemia is caused by deficiency of which vitamin - Vitamin B12
188. Bihu dance is related to which state - Assam
189. International court of justice HQ - The Hague
190. Prize given to Raghuram Rajan recently - Governer of the Year in Central Banks awards  191. News paper name of recent france attack - Charlie Hebdo
192. Highest mortality rate in infants state - Odisha
193. CBI New Director - Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha
194. Venue of 19th national youth festival - Guwahati, assam
195. Indian Navy day is observed on - 4th December
196. Chile capital is – Santiago
197. First Vistara airlines started from - Delhi to Mumbai
198. Highest Carbon di Oxide emiision country in world - China
199. PAHAL scheme is related to - DBT of LPG

200. What is the currency of Spain - EURO
201. One life is not enough book is authored by - Natwar Singh
202. Ways and means of railways committee head - DK Mittal
203. Vice chairman of niti ayog - Arvind Pangariya
204. Canada's central bank name - Bank of Canada
205. Health insurance minimum capital - 100 Crore
206. Payment bank minimum paid up capital - One Lakh
207. In CP, C stands for - Commercial 

208. Anirban lahiri is related to which sport - Golf
209. Anand defeated whom to win London classics - Michael Adams
210. Where is Dr. Samir Ali bird sanctuary? - Goa
211. BIS head quarter is situated at - Basel, Switzerland
212. Union minister for steel, Labour and mines - Narendra Singh Tomar
213. Who is not a regulator - IBA (among the options)
214. Market regulator of index futures - SEBI
215. UNEP headquarters - Nairobi, Kenya
216. Largest company in terms of revenue - IOCL
217. John O' Keefe won Nobel for - Medicine
218. Climate change summit held at - Lima, Peru
219. UIIC's largest shareholder - Central government
220. Gandhi setu connects which places? - Patna and Hajipur
221. Union minister for heavy industries - Anant Geete
222. Ankita raina belongs to which sport - Tennis
223. PIO fulform - Person of Indian Origin
224. Mission Indradhanush covers how many diseases? - 
225. Next NATO summit place? - Warsaw
226. Abu Dabhi tennis championship winner? - Andy Murray
227. Patrick Modiano got novel in which field? - Literature
228. Population of female a/c to census? - 586.46 million
229. Vienna is the capital of? - Austria
230. ILO headquarter - Geneva
231. Minimum capital required for white label ATMs' - 100 Crore
232. NITI ayog chairman - Narendra Modi
233. Commodity market regulator - FMC
234. DICGC is owned by - RBI
235. Vanbandhu kalyan yojna is for - Tribal peoples
236. 3rd Sunday of January is celebrated in memory of - Martin Luther King Jr.
237. Why RBI increse interest rates - To increase liquidity
238. Line b/w India & Pakistan - Radcliffe
239. National Education Day - 11th November
240. Portugese currency - Euro
241. Law minister - Dr. Sadananda Gowda
242. NITI AYOG replaces what? Planning Commission
243. Author of "And then One day" - Nasserudin Shah
244. Age not applicable for open savings a/c - 10yrs
245. IRDA - Statutory Body
246. Rama Setu - Palk Strait (Sri Lanka)
247. Maharastra Governor presented Yash Chopra award to whom - Amitabh Bachchan
248. Sansad adharsh Scheme
249. Valdmir Putin visited - India
250. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana

251. Grammy Awards related to - Music
252. LIC Health insurance
253. Chemistryy nobel prize - Willian Moerner, Erik Betzig & Stephen W. Hell
254. NATO full form - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
255. WTO headquarter - Geneva, Switzerland
256. Small and payment bank paid up capital - 100 Crore
257. National education day whose birth day - Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
258. Central bank of China named as Peoples Bank of China
259. In CAR, A stands for - Adequacy
260. To prevent money laundering –AML
261. Author of dramatic decade - Pranab Mukerjee
262. NOTE printed 2005 extended up to - June 30 2015
263. Capital of Germany - Berlin 

264. Indian external affairs minister - Sushma Swaraj
265. ING Vyasa bank merged with which Bank- Kotak Mahindra
266. Governenc Day celebrated on the birthday of - Atal Bihari Vajpayee
267. Maitri project is in association with India and ? - France
268. World Consumer Rights Day - 15th March
269. Indian science congress held at - University of Mumbai
270. 2018- Common wealth game venue - Gold Coast
271. J. Gutta is associated with which game? - Badminton
272. Share of TATA Sons in Vistara - 51%
273. Angara-A5 rocket launch by which country - Russia
274. 2015 World cup cricket ambassador - Sachin Tendulkar
275. Satpura Ranges lies from - Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh
276. Full form of NITI - National Institute for Transforming India
277. Monthly composite index started by which bank - SBI
278. Sole re-insurance company of India - GIC
279. Nikkei Stock Exchange is of which country – Japan
280. What does A stands for in WMA - Advance
281. What is the full form of NBFC - Non Banking Financial Company
282. International Mountain day - 11th January
283. Who is the Union Minister of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Sanitation & Drinking Water? - Ch. Birender Singh
284. Noble prize literature award - Patrick Modiano
285. Canada capital - Ottawa
286. Oman currency - Riyal
287. Who were the first siblings to scale seven tallest peaks in 7 continents? - Tashi, Nungshi Malik
288. Who was the 14th PM of India?- Dr. Manmohan Singh
289. Dramatic decade written by? - Dr. Pranab Mukherjee
290. Ritu Rani belongs to which sports? - Hockey
291. Nalanda University is in which state? - Bihar
292. Which is the Largest River after Ganga in India - Godavari
293. Who wrote "the NAMO story" - Kingshuk Nag
294. World Energy Conservation day is celebrated on ? - 14 December
295. NRE mein R stands for ? - Resident
296. On question on sansad adarsh gram yojna ?
297. Venue of SAARC summit 2014? - Kathmandu
298. One ques on PMJDY?
299. NAV fullform ? - Net Asset Value
300. One question on GDP ?

301. Capital of Cambodia ? - Phnom Penh
302. Currency of Germany ? - Euro
303. Forward market commission is which type of body? - Statutory
304. Big Cinemas is now owned by ? - Carnival Group
305. NICL max share owned by whom ? - Govt. of India
306. “Good Governance Day” celebrated on whose birthday ? - Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Madan Mohan Malviya
307. Headquarter of Interpol? - Lyonn, France
308. “Ebola” named after whom ? - A river in Democratic Republic of Congo
309. PV Sindhu defeated which player recently to win Macau Open? - Kim Hyo Min
310. Nobel Prize in Economics? - Jean Tirole
311. IT minister in Cabinet of Ministers? - Ravi Shankar Prasad
312. Defence minister - Manohar Parikar
313. FIBA is related to which sports? Basketball
314. When is "Human Rights Day" observed? 10 Dec
315. Ongc dealt with which company for New Zealand oil and gas search mission - Chevron
316. Neft full form - National Electronic Fund Transfer
317. Census 2011 India’s population is what % of total population? 17.5
318. Ing vysa insurance new name? Exide Life insurance
319. JK rowling has written a book with another name,name of that writer - Robert Galbraith
320. Pfrda which type of organisation ? Regulatory Body
321. Telengana is bordered by how many states?
322. Meaning of equity share.
323. Currency of Greece - Euro
324. Capital of Germany - Berlin
325. Great Himalaya National Park is situated at? Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
326. Snooker champion: Mark Selby
327. Satellite launched by china in association with which country - US
328. Pune university named as Savitri Bai Phule University
329. Global partner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - MRF
330. Lifetime chievement award to which singer recently - Asha Bhisle
331. Headquater of International Labour Organisation - Geneva
332. Which Australian opener cricketer completed 1000 runs in 2014 - David Warner
333. Asean summit held at? Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
334. 'G' in GST stands for? Goods
335. Which country has highest literacy rate - Russia
336. Commercial paper valid for - 1 year
337. Bank sale insurance - Bancassurance
338. Some Technical questions asked in Specialist Section:
339. Three resistance of 8 ohm in series,their total resistance - 24 ohm
340. If we add one more resistance in parallel arrangement, then effect on current increase, decrease, remain same?
341. Carnot cycle efficiency depends on - Temperature 342. Second law of thermodynamics defines - Entropy
343. Work in free expansion process - Zero
344. Two force of 3 and 4 N are acting perpendicular to each other than their resultant force - 5N
345. Transformer works on - Electromagnetic Principle
346. Main gases responsible for green house effect - CO2 and CO
347. Chlorofluorocarbon releases which gas,harmful for ozone layer - Chlorine
348. Seamless tube making process – Extrusion
349. Asian of the year 2014 - Narendra Modi
350. In Kisan Vikas Patra, money to be doubled in? 100 months

351. Brazil Olympic 2016 mascot - Vinicius
352. Vishwanathan defeated whom to win in London Championship? Michael Adams 

353. ECGC full form? Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd.
354. Kouron Space Station in? French Guinea
355. Ireland Capital? Dublin
356. Euro 2016 venue? - France
357. Deodhar trophy is related to? Cricket
358. Bhuwaneshwar Kumar is related to? Cricket
359. World Snooker Championship venue? Crucible Theatre (UK)

360. Khajurao is situated at? MP
361. UN Food Program Headquarter? - Rome, Italy
362. Indira gandhi peace prize 2014? - ISRO
363. Hockey championship runner up? Pakistan
364. BRICS Bank Headquarters - Shanghai, China
365. FAO Headquarters - Italy, Rome
366. French Republic Currency - Euro
367. Antodya Diwas - 25th September
368. PWD Day - Dec 3
369. Pillars of BASEL - II - Market Discipline
370. IRDA is what type of regulatory body? Statutory Body
371. Bond Market is also known as - Debt Market
372. ARCIL is which type of company? - Asset Reconstruction Company
373. Which manufacturer installed the world's tallest hybrid wind generator turbine at Gujarat recently? - Suzlon Energy
374. BHEL has recently commissioned a hydro power project in which African country? - Rwanda
375. Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers? - Ananth Kumar
376. International Anti-Corruption 
Day? - December 9

377. Which among the following is the Partner of SBI Life Insurance? - BNP Paribas
378. An enterprise with investment in plant and machinery will be considered micro enterprise if it does not exceed the limit of? -Rs. 25 lakh
379. Name the textile business group of Reliance Group? - Vimal
380. Along with May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser who shared Noble Prize in Medicine 2014? - John O'Keefe
381. In BSBDA Account, no extra charge levied if balance is maitained above? -Rs. 50,000 

382. Which is the first State to achieve 100% financial inclusion under PMJDY? - Kerala
383. Under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana government aims to cover 2,500 villages by which year? – 2019
384. Protests named "Umbrella Revolution" recently held in which country? - Hong Kong
385. Which is the sole reinsurance company in the Indian insurance market? - General Insurance Corporation of India
386. Govt recently announced that the crisis-ridden National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) would have to merge with its holding company named? - Financial Technologies (India) Ltd (FTIL)
387. IMPS full form? - Immediate Payment Service 

388. Headquarters of Financial Stability Board? - Basel, Switzerland
389. Tata Power has recently signed a share purchase agreement with Ideal Energy Project (IEPL) to acquire the latter’s 540-MW thermal power plant in
which state?- Maharashtra 

390. Word CTS-2010 is related with? – Cheque
391. Which state has highest rural population in India as per Census 2011? - Uttar Pradesh
392. Kisan Vikas Patra is not in which among the following denominations? - Rs.500
393. Name the Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners launched by Prime Minister recently? - Pramaan
394. G20 Summit 2014 was held at? - Australia
395. Capital of Chile? - Santiago
396. Currency for Republic of Colombia? - peso
397. Paypal is which type of company?- Payment company
398. Name the foreign-exchange agreement between two institutions to exchange aspects? - Currency swap
399. When we open a website first page is called? page
400. Which of the following is Web Browser ? Explorer

401. To move text we use? - Cut & Paste
402. Author of the recently released book "Not just an Accountant"? - Vinod Rai
403. To save a file with a new name we use which option? - Save as
404. Which of the following is function  key? - F3 

405. Kissan credit card validity? - 5 years.

60 more questions from UICL Assistant Exam 2015 

United Insurance Assistant exam GA questions and analysis held on 30 August, Question asked in GA (Both Shift) combined :
1. Rural Development Minister Chaudhary Birender Singh launched ______, a compilation of all schemes of both Central and State governments for Gram Panchayats.
Answer – Samanvay
2. India will become populous country by
Answer – 2022
3. RBS is to deliver their private banking sector to which company?
Answer – Sanctum Wealth Management
4. Who is the author of the world famous book The Alchemist?
Answer – Paulo Coelho
5. NICL has foreign branch at
Answer – Nepal
6. The Grammy award winner, who died recently, was
Answer – Lynn Anderson
7. The Patratu Thermal Plant is situated in
Answer – Jharkhand
8. Kumbha Mela was held in
Answer – Nashik
9. The Largest Insurance Company in India is
Answer – LIC
10. The National Handloom day is observed on
Answer – August 7
11. Recently Financial times was acquired by
Answer – Nikkei
12. Who is the winner of Ramanujan Award 2015?
Answer – Amalendu Krishna
13. RBI issued Rs ____ coins on Yoga day.
Answer – Rs 10
14. The headquarters of LIC is at
Answer – Mumbai
15. National Insurance Academy is located at
Answer – Pune, Maharashtra
16. Joshna Chinappa is associated with
Answer – Squash
17. What is the capital of Mozambique?
Answer – Maputo
18. FIPIC Summit of 14 Pacific island nations in ______
Answer – Delhi, India
19. The 26th ASEAN Summit was held in
Answer – Malaysia
20. Recently BNP Paribas acquired
Answer – Sharekhan
21. _______ University to be Named After President APJ Abdul Kalam
Answer – Uttar Pradesh Technological University
22. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation insures
Answer – Bank Deposits
23. Social worker _______ and former AIIMS official Sanjiv Chaturvedi won the Ramon Magsaysay awards for “enterprising leadership” and for exposing corruption respectively.
Answer – Anshu Gupta
24. Suez Canal pass through which country?
Answer – Egypt
25. Krishnapatnam port is in
Answer – Andhra Pradesh
26. Sar utha ke jiyo is the tagline of
Answer – HDFC Life
27. Hiroshima Day is observed on
Answer – August 06
28. The committee associated with IRDA
Answer – Malhotra Committee
29. Capital Adequacy Ratio is
Answer – Ratio of a bank’s capital to its risk
30. Chief Economist of IMF?
Answer – Maurice Obstfeld
31. Who is the current Chief Minister of Haryana?
Answer – Manohar Lal Khattar
32. What is the currency of Sri Lanka?
Answer – Rupee
33. Diamond and Jewelery business of Royal bank of Scotland aquired by which Bank?
Answer – IndusInd
34. Writer of Book ” Monk who sold his Ferrari “?
Answer – Robin Sharma
35. Pamarthy Shankar, a cartoonist working with the prominent Telugu newspaper ‘Sakshi’, has won the Grand Prix World Press Cartoon 2014 Award for sketching of _____
Answer – Nelson Madela
36. Who won the bronze medal for india in gymnastic?
Answer – Dipa karmakar
37. UK-based Willis Group Holdings, the third largest insurance brokerage in the world, has re-entered in india, tied up with which delhi based company _____
Answer – Diamond
38. RBI direction to banks to lend farmer not less than the average of last how many years _____
Answer – 3 years
39. What is the currency of Mozambique?
Answer – Mozambican Metical
40. International Yoga Day, or Yoga Day, is celebrated on _____ and was declared so by United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014.
Answer – June 21
41. England-based Willis Group Holdings, the third largest insurance brokerage in the world, has re-entered the Indian market by picking up 49 per cent stake in the ——based Almondz Insurance Brokers.
Answer – New Delhi
42. Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMB) on 21 July 2015 launched a mobile bankingapp named _____.
Answer – Kotak Bharat
43. Hirakud Dams built across the Mahanadi River, about 15 km from Sambalpur in the state of _____ in India.
Answer – Odisha
44. What is the Capital of Sri Lanka?
Answer – Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
45. The Reserve Bank notified government’s decision to raise foreign direct investment (FDI) limit in the insurance sector to _____ per cent.
Answer – 49
46. The proposed Rs.20,000-crore National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) will function as a sovereign wealth fund like Singapore’s _____ and operate at ‘arm’s length’ from the government.
Answer – Temasek
47. Noted Hindi litterateur ____ has been chosen for the state’s highest literary award, Bharat Bharti.
Answer – Kashinath Singh
48. Cabinet approved setting up of an expert group to classify the ____ data of the Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), 2011.
Answer – Caste/Tribe
49. The Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station is located in Singrauli district in the Indian state of ______
Answer – Madhya Pradesh
50. Who has launched a new product, ‘Smart Humsafar’, a plan which offers multiple benefits of savings and insurance cover for husband and wife under a single policy?
Answer – SBI Life Insurance
51. Kolkata’s _____ will host the final of the ICC World T20, to be held in India from March 11 to April 3, next year, across eight cities.
Answer – Eden Gardens
52. The New India Assurance Co. Ltd., based in _____, is one of the five Wholly Government of India owned assurance companies of India.
Answer – Mumbai
53. Vivek Agnihotri’s political satire Buddha in a Traffic Jam won the Best _____ in a Foreign Language Award at the Madrid International Film Festival.
Answer – Original Screenplay
54. Jindagi k sath bhi jindagi k bad bhi Tagline of _____
Answer – LIC
55. DOT Report on what ?
Answer – Significant Rule makings
56. Reinsurance company ____
Answer – GIC
57. Bureau of Indian Standard(BIS) Headquarter _____
Answer – Basel, Switzerland
58. The Government of India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a $300 million loan to support the government’s flagship program, the __________ that is aimed at improving the health status of the country’s urban population.
Answer – National Urban Health Mission (NUHM)
59. Who is a Bharatiya Janata Party politician, currently serving as Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, Information, and Broadcasting, in the Government of India and also as Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha?
Answer – Arun Jaitley
60. Who is currently the acting Chief Secretary of Delhi?
Answer – Shakuntala Gamlin

Ga And Computer Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO 5 September:-

1.International Atomic Energy Agency- Vienna, Austria
2. World Vegetarian Day is observed on - 1st October
3. Chief minister of Jharkhand - Raghubar Das 
4.Capital of Italy - Rome
5. Headquarters of Punjab National Bank - New Delhi
6. State with largest area - Rajasthan
7. Thailand Currency - Thai Baht
8. World's Highest Capacity Hard Drive - 6 Terabytes.
9. Place them in correct sequence (according to question) - Input – process – output – storage
10. La Tomatina Tomato-throwing Festival is celebrated in - Bunol, Spain
11. Ramanujan Award Given To- Amalendu Krishna
12. Bhutan Currency - Ngultrum
13. CERN member first Asian country - Pakistan
14. Which of the following are Input Devices – Keyboard & Mouse
15. Educational film 'Dhanchayat' launched by which bank- HDFC Bank
16. In RTGS – S stands for - Settlement
17. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation is related to- Banking
18. Kisan Vikas Patra amount - It is Available in denominations of Rs 1,000, 5000, 10,000 and Rs 50,000.
19. Largest producer of Rice in world - China
20. Smart humsafar scheme launch by- SBI Life Insurance
21. Which company installed white label ATM first in country - Tata
22. New Governor of Sikkim - Sriniwas Patil
23.Turning point author – APJ Abdul Kalam
24. PV sindhu related to which sport - Badminton
25. Committee for NABARD - Shivaraman
26. Blue revolution is related to – fish
27. SAARC head office- Nepal
28. Commercial paper is issued by - Corporate
29. Which of the following is not a storage device – Printer
30. New Member of European Union - Croatia
31. Kathakali is folk dance of - Kerala
32.World information technology summit 2018 - Hyderabad
33. RRB sponser bank contribution - 35%
34. China contribution in New Development Bank - 41%
35. Egypt capital- Cairo
36. Renault Brand Ambassador- Ranbir Kapoor
37. RBI regulate - Money Market
38. NDB is headed by- K.V. Kamath
1. Suiz Canal is connecting- Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.
2. International Non violence day is observed on - 2 October
3.ILO headquarter is situated at- Geneva
4. Ricky ponting is related to- Cricket
5. Gaddafi stadium is located in- Lahore
6. India's rating in world football's Fifa ranking - 155th
7. Bhutan currency is- Ngultrum
8. Philippines President- Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III
9. In Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Upper age limit – 70 Years
10. Manas national park is in which state– Assam
11. Simhadari Thermal plant- Andhra Pradesh
12. Longest river in Asia- Yangtze
13. Gugamal National Park – Amravati, Maharashtra
14. Union Rural Panchayati Raj Minister- Chaudhary Birrnder Singh
15. Russia contribution in bricks bank – 10 billion usd
16. 7th BRICS summit held in the Russian city of __ in Bashkortostan. - Ufa
17. Which city stood at 1st position as the most expensive city in India according to a recent survey- Mumbai
18. India, Russia and Brazil will donate ___ each in New Development Bank. - $18 billion
19. Which insurance company launched a 'Dengue Care' scheme available at one-time premium of Rs 444 - Apollo Munich Health Insurance
20. The Kallada River is one of two major rivers that flow through the Kollam District of India. - Kerala
21. The first introduction of a mutual fund in India occurred in 1963, when the Government of India launched - Unit Trust of India (UTI)
22. Which scientist who headed the team that first found traces of HIV virus in India, passed away, recently? - Dr. Suniti Solomon
23. What does stand for "G" in DICGC? - Guarantee
24. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is
available to people between 18
and ---- years of age with bank accounts. -
25. Article 370 of the Indian constitution is a
law that grants special
autonomous status to- Jammu and Kashmir
26. The 16th FINA World Championships held
- Russia
27. Brand ambassador of the 'Atithi Devo
Bhavah' campaign for the Ministry
of Tourism "Guest is God." - Aamir Khan

Ga And Computer Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO Held on 6 September


1. IRDAI Headoffice - Hyderabad
2. Sunil Chettri related to Which State-
Andhra Pradesh
3.International Atomic energy Headquarter-
Vienna, Austria
4. Capital Of Peru- Lima
5. In amrut, R denote- REJUVENATION (ATAL
6.Canada Highest Civilian award- the Order of Canada
7. Orange Festival Celebrated in which Country- Poland
8. Centre Government Allocated Rs 20000 crore to which Scheme- Namami Gange
9.Mithali Raj is related with which sports- Cricket
10. What does "P" stand for OROP? - Pension
11. Who is the 18th Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Devendra Fadnavis
12. Indira Gandhi stadium location- Delhi
13.Currency of Czech Republic. - Czech Koruna
14. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassadorof UC Browser- Yuvraj Singh
15. Which Yojana interventions have been named ‘Shishu’, ‘Kishor’ and ‘Tarun’ - Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana
16. National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) is a fund created by the Government of India for enhancing - Infrastructure
17.Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji is the final book written by - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
18. National Handloom Day Celebrated on - August 7
19.The Small village of Jabalpur tehsil situated on the bank of river which river that is famous for marble- Narmada
20. Which city in India recognised as most expensive city according to a recent survey - Mumbai
21. President launched nakshatra vatika in which city : Secunderabad
22. Scientist who was conferred with Japan's highest civilian award for promoting academic interchange and mutual understanding in science and technology between the two countries. - CNR
23. Sajjangarh Biological Park located at which place- Rajasthan
24. Who is the head of panel that will recast the model of infrastructure development in which the government partners private firms- Vijay Kelkar
25. Estimated cost of the proposed Mumbai- Nagpur expressway- Rs30,000 crore
26. Recently proposed 25MW photovoltaic pwr plant in which state- Mithapur, Gujarat
1. Capital of Seychelles- Victoria
2. Union Minister of steel- Narendra Singh Tomar
3. Ringgit is currency of- Malaysia
4. OECD Headquarter : Paris, France
5. International Day of the Girl Child- 11 october
6. Insurance cover in PMJSY for disability- 1 lakh
7. Deepa karmarkar related to which sports - artistic gymnast
8. Michael Clarke player of which country- Australia
9. Bhupen hazarika stadium in which state- Guwahati, Assam
10. First womam lok sabha speaker - Meira Kumar
11. Where is Nanda Devi hill- Uttarakhand
12. Veerappa Moily book 'Ramayana Mahaveshanam' in which language- Kannada
13. Who is President of Mauritius- Kailash Purryag
14. India has lost a case with the World Trade Organization ruling that Indian ban on import of poultry meat, eggs and live pigs with the international norms with which country- US
15. What does "L" stand for SLR? = Liquidity
16. The first driver less train recieved by Delhi Metro from : South Korea
17. City topped in Swachh Bharat Rankings : Mysuru 
18. The Ukai Dam is located on which river : Tapti
19. The Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary : Uttar Pradesh
20. Life insurance scheme for both Husband and Wife by SBI is : Smart Hamsafar
21. Who is appointed as the CEO of Alphabet Inc. : Larry Page
22.How much Credit extends to Mangolia by GoI for Infrastructure Development ? - 1 Billion USD
23. During Bangladesh visit PM Narendra Modi received Liberation War Honour Award on behalf of Former PM of India ? - Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
24. Which of the Following is Joint Venture Partner of SBI Life Insurance ? - BNP Paribas Cardiff.
25. Who is Elected as a Chairman of Mumbai Cricket Association Board ? - Sharad Pawar.
26. In MUDRA Bank 'R' stands for - Refinance.
27. Which organisation deals with development of childrens and women in Developing countries? - UNICEF.
28. According to the report's projections, the current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach how much billion by 2030? - 8.5 billion.