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Questions asked in General Awareness (RBI Grade B Exam 2018) You may expect these type of questions in NABARD Recruitment Exam 2018.

NABARD Recruitment Notification Date:- 13/03/2018
NABARD Notification Last Date - 02/04/2018
Nabard Recruitment Exam Date - DD/MM/2018
Nabard Recruitment Result - DD/MM/2018

NABARD 2018 Notification was released on 13th March 2018. The last date to fill in the application form was 2nd April 2018. 

A total vacancy of 92 was declared by NABARD to recruit candidates to Assistant Manager post in different segments of the National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development.

NABARD Syllabus 

NABARD Previous Paper 

The following questions are based of the memory of candidates and have been obtained from various forums Pagalguy.com, rbi.vz.com, various groups on FB etc.
1. What is Option Contracts?
2. What is the semi judicial body which handles the complaints of
customers against Banks?
3. What are Treasury Bills?
4. India has recently signed a memorandum/contract/ agreement of art culture etc with which country?
5. Dow Jones Industrial Index is the index of which country? US
6. The European Union has how many members?
7. Recently government has hiked the duty on sugar import what
will the the impact on the sugar industry?
8. Which is the world's largest Bank in terms of profitability and customer deposit?
9. Volatility Index VIX is measured against which index?
10. MNREGA QUESTION "MNREGA offers guaranteed wage
employment for how many days?"
11. What are brown labelled label atms
12. What is the word for cross selling of Insurance through Banking
13.Which state/Union Territory tops the list of financial inclusion?
14.In which country will next summer Olympics be held?
15.Which of the following award is given for science and
16.What is the Rupay card used for?
17. "Which organisation was formed with the objective
economic progress and world trade, providing a platform to
compare policy experiences, seek answers to common
problems, identify good practices and co-ordinate domestic and
international policies of its members?
18. RBI is looking to give new banking licenses to financial
institutions, When was such license last given?
19. What is common factor between Allahabad bank, United Bank
of India and central bank of India? Nationalized
20. What is the primary markets?
21. What are the capital market investment intermediaries
22. What is the main objective of anti money laundering
act/norms laid down by RBI?
23. What are the Asset Reconstruction companies meant for?
Or What is the main function of Asset Reconstruction
24. What is securitization of assets
25. Why has RBI aksed nbfcs to allot customers Unique Identification code to all their customers?
26. Cyrus Mistry is associated with which of the following
27. Tata Sons was the answer among the other options
28. Which company has called upon its ex Chairman to
turnaround the company under problems/distress?
29. Who is the external affairs minister?
30. When is the world no tobacco day celebrated?
31. Who is the world Bank president?
32. Why is the BUYBACK OF shares done by the promoters of the company? or why do the company promoters buyback their company share from the market
33. Which of the following taxes are levied by state?
34. Mergers and Acquisitions of two companies requires
approval of which of the following?
35. In order to increase transparency in the interest rates which
of the following rates has been introduced by RBI?
36. Which was the last bank to be given banking licence by RBI?
37. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Direct
Benefit Transfer scheme?
38. What are the steps taken by the government to discourage investment in Gold by households?
39. What is "an online prepaid account where money can be stocked/pre-loaded to buy products without swiping a debit o rcredit card"?
40.Mobile banking cannot be used for which of the following Mobile transaction?
41. Which one of the following provides Credit and finance to
promote country's export?
42. Which of the following is not a retail banking product?
43. "Crossed cheque can be??
44. "what is the total amount of goods and services produced in
a country during a year?"
45. Which of the following books is written by V.S. NAIPAUL? "what is Debt trap?"
46. Ministry?" Food supplies
"PDS is taken care of by which ministry
47."World's local bank is the tagline of??" HSBCTreasury bill is issued by whom?
48.Export credit function Organisation Name?
49.What is the function of banking ombudsman
50. Expand oecd, the group of 34 countries ?
51. Name of the first woman bank of India?
52. What is the FDI limit in Public sector Banks?
53. Who decides the distribution of income between the states
and centre?
54. What is Budget?
55. What is the impact of the depreciation of Indian Rupee on
56. Question on FRBMA-2003 ACT
56. Who is world bank head ?
58. Brown atm is managed by whom?
59. Saving deposit is...? Demand liability
60. What is the limit of cash transaction per annum ?
61. GST will not remove tax for ?
62. What is national income?
63. What is the pakistan president's name?
64. What is tax limit on export?
65. RBI issued last banking license in year?
66. Inflation rate is based on wpi or cpi?
67. How many days' job is provided in MNREGA?
68. Question on RBI 30 july quarter report ?
69. Dow jones is in?
70. No tobacco day?
71. Question on primary market definition?
72. Reason for increasing IMPORT DUTY ON SUGAR ? 73.Minimum years for PPF withdrawal?
75. What is RECESSION?
76. What is DEBT TRAP?
77. Which one is RBI's FUNCTION? 78. Housing Price Index is in which cities?
79. RIDF belongs to which authority?
80. What was the Theme of summit at Davos?
81. Who decides Repo Rate inindia?
82. Bank for infrastructure Which Bank? 
83. Urban development leader name? 
84. What is minimum paid capital for banking licence?

What will a career in NABARD be like? NABARD offers a fulfilling career. You will be posted to the regional offices which are in state capitals. In addition to this, you might be posted as DDM ( District Development Manager ) in any district of India. The tenure as DDM is the most rewarding one as you get involved in ground level activities. Right now one should focus on cracking the exam rather than thinking about the career prospects in NABARD. Needless to say that NABARD is an apex institution and a regulator so you won't regret joining/working for NABARD. The perks and remunerations are at par with RBI (read one of the best in the financial industry).