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[XLPE Cables] - A Complete Guide - Electrical Engineering Services Product Manual details

What is the full form of XLPE Cables? Enlighten its usage in power transmission. 

Cross Linked Polyethylene Power Cables are commonly know as XLPE cables.

What XLPE cables means - These are having extremely high melting point, with light weight, small dimension, low dielectric constant and high mechanical strength.

The transmission network in India is very large and complex. It incorporate many different types of transmission circuits, including AC and DC over-head lines, fluid-filled cable systems and extruded cable systems, etc.

Also, many modern networks contain extensive land and submarine cable systems for supply of major metropolitan areas and for interconnection with neighboring countries.

XLPE cables has maximum conductor temperature rating of 90 degree Celsius with dielectric strengths of 20 KV/cm. (Emergency rating 140C)

Due to high temperature withstand capability and very low moisture absorption, these cables can be directly laid on soil bed.

XLPE Cables Specifications

Size: 1/4 inch to 4 inch.
made up of High Density Polyethylene - HDPE
Useful for medium voltage - 10 to 50 KV AC.
high voltage cables- Upto 380 KV AC

XLPE Cables Ratings

XPLE Cables Current Carrying Capacity

Current Carrying Capacity Table

XLPE flexibility means fewr connections, better water flow, faster and easier installation.

Manufactured using Vertical Continuous Vulcanizing  

EHV underground power transmission is the solution for meeting today's growing power demand f the power starved metro cities.

Underground power transmission system requires highest reliability to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

220 KV  Cable size : 128mm-130mm.

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