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[BSES] Criminal Justice : Delhi Law Enforcement Trainee - Retainer

Electricity theft is a hindrance to the development of any developing country and major to its roots, electricity providers. As we all know Electricity is a vital part of our day-to-day work as the smart people's first choice. It revolves around to help the daily life of human being to the smart development of a smart nation.

In the huge city like Delhi, electricity companies now have facing huge power theft which gives a mismatch in numerical data for the load information result in loss of business electricity for consumers utility purposes. 
Power theft is a kind of invisible theft. Someone hook illegally into a power supply. For a consumer, distribution power supply can be opt in 2 ways, 1-phase 230V, 3- phase 415V.

Therefore to reduce the power theft, electricity companies nowadays recruit young people's as to reduce theft on a contractual job named enforcement trainee, usually engineering B.Tech holders are employed for this profile these days.

As the main purpose of these recruited trainee is to provide criminal justice to electricity law. And behave like a law enforcement officer under his area allotted for this work.

There is a huge impact of electricity theft -Including danger, often unrecognized.
It carries deadly risks.

Safeguard it - everyone can help prevent and reduce electricity theft:-
Notify your electricity providers immediately if you know of an illegally connected consumer.

In addition to this work enforcement Trainee also have to make awareness campaigns to reduce electricity theft in his area allocated and interact with people with problems of electricity theft and problems associated with this which hindrance the development of the nation as a whole.

Do not cut the seal on your meter base or tamper with your own meter for any reason.

Apply for a legal connection if you do not have one.

Let the consumer compare electricity rates and  select their electricity providers from the available service providers in his district and choose the best option available to him.

Remain aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activities to your electric utility provider.

Ways of electricity theft are - Meter tampering, Bypassing Meters, Tapering power lines.

This further enhances competition within electricity companies for better service to retain its customers and which have an aftermath to benefits for consumers only.

Criminal justice to the consumer as an electricity theft is the first priority for the growth of the economy with the help of young Enforcement Trainee recruited by recruited by different electricity providers across the nation like- BSES Delhi.

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