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[Ideal School] - Role of educational institutions in developing countries

Q. In your opinion, how should an ideal school function and what should be its major objectives?

Q. Why should religion be taught in public schools?

Q. Role of educational institutions in inculcating values. Discuss. 

An ideal school is an institution where learning is imparted. But, what kind of learning and education?
1. Education of rationality
2. Education of Morality
3. Education, that is more connected with the real day to day world.

In Order to achieve such novel objectives, functioning needs to be done in the following way
1. The teacher student relationship should expand from a client-patron relation to one that is family like.
2. Questioning and reasoning need to be incentivised and inculcated.
3. To increase understanding, live/demo projects are a must. This can be done even in the absence of funds using simple day to day objects.
4. Students must also be taken to trips to the local villages, so that they can see more of Gandhiji's real India, and so that they can work towards its upliftment
5. The say of students and parents in schools needs to be increased.

To achieve them money is not the major requirement. Rather, it is the willingness and an openness of mind and heart to take India to the next level, via its numerous small schools. it must consider for online schoolsonline colleges and open learning platforms.
If I hear, I forget
If I see, I remember
If I do, I understand

Finland model of schooling has received a lot of praise in the recent times. It focuses more on one to one student teacher interaction with a lot of hands on sessions for inspiring even very young children.

1) Quality vs Quantity should be analysed. More projects than more readings should be encouraged
2) Uniforms, to show that everyone is equal.
3) Grounds and restrooms for students is a must (Basic Infrastructure).
4) Less pupil vs teacher ratio - encourage teaching degree holders.

1) Inspire and stimulate young brains and encourage them in the field they are interested in.
2) Removal of Social Barrier: Should help in social inclusion of the backwards and should be
3) Basic Infrastructure is required to attract children and reduce dropouts
4) Better understanding of concepts with one to one interaction with teacher and hands on sessions
5) Focused care for schools with special education for students.  

Problems in developing countries:
1) Population
2) Less Teaching staff
3) No basic infrastructure
4) Untouchability, social stigma still in the society

Even though the best possible way in educating a student is by making him understand, It is difficult to implement them without an Ideal School in developing countries.

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