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IBPS PO Mains 2015 - My experience + data compiled from all websites Question asked with solution in detail

So IBPS Mains 2015 is now over. We are waiting for result. Better start preparing for your interview. share your experience and let us discuss.

IBPS PO Mains 2015 exam was quite tough. There's no point in sharing no of attempts so lot if people will skip that.

IBPS PO English - This was the section which somewhat eased the pain. Moderate.

Reasoning in IBPS PO - Input/output and all the puzzles was the nightmare. Sectional cutoff will surely hover around 6-7 marks as there were no inequalities, coding-decoding or pattern questions in the exam.

Quant section of IBPS PO - Guys depending on miscellaneous questions will suffer big time as questions were quite calculative and DI was the only relief. Anything above 20 is good. Cutoff 10-12 max anyone can predict.

Non-engineers would have found the computer a bit difficult in the second shift. I will not be surprised if cutoff goes to 7-8 marks.

General awareness was moderate. I am not actually sure about the cutoff.

Overall it was a tough paper comparable to IBPS 2013 or IBPS 2014, I believe 85+ will have very decent chances for final selection considering average marks in interview.

Other things to consider in this exam, as many aspirants were busy in SSC CGL and RBI interviews and could not dedicate themselves completely to IBPS prep, Cutoff should hover around 70.

meanwhile on BA

computer section easy, Many questions were mainly from the compendium which was presented by BA.

hain?? kb kahn kese?  mjhe to ek bhi nhi laga

Questions asked in IBPS PO Mains exam this year is as follows:

1. First microfinance institution as bank --- Bandhan bank
2. NDB headquarters - Shangai, china
3. BBPS - Bharat bill payment system
4. Bharat Ratna 3rd nominee -Sarvepallie Radha Krishan
5. Currency of Egypt - pound
6. United nation university - Tokyo, japan
7. IBRD headquarters - world bank - Washington D.C
8. DRDO highest in which state - Jammu & Kashmir
9. DSIBs bank - ICICI
10. Basel committee related - banking
11. KVP lock in period - 2 years 6 months
12. Good governance day -25 December
13. Headquarters of Indian bank - Chennai
14. R .gandhi committee - commercial bank
15. Which is not function - payment bank - lending Activites
16. Rajiv Gandhi Khel - Sania mirza
17. Census literacy -74.04 %
18. Bailey musk Deer - Uttarakhand
19. Portal for education loan - PMVLK
20. Shishu & Kishor are part of -PMMY
21. Bowler Tyson - England
22. Power plant in inaugurated by modi - Jharkhand
23. Housing for all -2022
24. Constitution of Sushma Swaraj - Videsha
25.Export coverage by -ECGC bank
26. Nobel in physics -Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald
27. Buxa tiger reserve - west Bengal
28. Capital of Syria -Damascus
29. FDI in white label ATMs -100%
30.Small banks license validity -18 months
31. Atal pension scheme - rural unorganized sector
32. Author - for dare to dream ! for next generation -Kiran bed
33. Indian banking association - Mumbai
34. NHB national housing bank -- subsidiary of RBI
35. bank board bureau -- union finance minister
36. CMD of Punjab national bank -- Usha antha subramaniam
37. banking ombudsmen appointed by -- RBI
38. Security paper mill -- NASIK Maharashtra
39.Which of the following is NOT a payment bank -- its finance bank
40.Payment banks cannot as business correspondents to -- other BANKS

Computer section IBPS PO mains Questions with solution

1. activities of computer is controlled by - control unit
2. Another name of chip - integrated circuits
3. Process of computer - input process output storage
4. Program in ROM - bios
5. Restart - warm booting
6. not a type of virus - firmware
7. Not a part of web address - hyperlink
8. Memory highest from given list- GB
9. Word file is created by - ms word
10. Not office - ms vista
11. window provides cut - wrong statement
12. Ram retains data after power off - the wrong statement
13. Hardware provides network interface - network interface card
14. Which OS does not have GUI Interface - DOS
15. Virus trojan etc is - malware
16. Name of signal sent by system to respond - Interrupt
17. Integrated circuits are made up of - Semiconductors
18. Which function is not performed by RAM - Permanent storage
19. Artificial intelligence uses which of the following languages - C
20. The file extension for word in ms office 2007 -.docx

BBB is Headed by Secretary of financial service.
And 1968 security paper mill is Hosanhabad MP.
There was one more question Good governance day.

IBPS PO Mains examination 2ND shift para jumble. (31st Oct 2015)

A month ago greek membership of the euro was in peril, as Germany's powerful finance minister, argued that greece should leave the monetary union for at least five years in what he euphemistically called a timeout. Any such exit, which would almost certainly have turned out to be permanent, would have undermined a founding principle of the monetary union- that those joining the euro do so irrevocably. Even after euro-zone  leaders meeting at a crucial summit managed to agree upon a framework for a bailout agreement on july 13th the chances of it actually being concluded and avoiding a 'grexit' seemed slim.


Please Share remaining question in comment for future students

1. Activities of computer is controlled by - control unit
2. another name of chip - integrated circuit
3. Process of computer - input process output storage
4. Program in ROM - BIOS
5. Restart - warm booting
6. Not a part of web address - hyperlink
7. Memory highest from given - GB
8. Word file is created by - ms word
9. Not office - ms vista
10.Ram retains data after power off - wrong statement
11. Hardware provides network interface - network interface card
12.Not a boolean operator-Plus

I have found this somewhere, can you write all these sentences separately like where is is starting and ending.
kya yhi aapka answer tha? jwab comment me likhe.

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