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Dear IBPS Clerk Candidates
IBPS Clerk prelims examination will commence from 5th December 2015.
With barely 2 weeks left for the exam and tensions running high, we have constantly been receiving queries from fellow MockBankers for preparation tips on how to clear IBPS Clerk 2015 in last 15 days. To address these concerns, we have come with a compact post on how to best utilize your time and ultimately clear IBPS Clerk Prelims.
We will start with a quick look at the pattern of prelims exam.
 Pattern of IBPS Clerk Prelims
Maximum Marks: 100
Test Duration: 1 Hour (60 mins)
Sections: The test will contain 3 sections, namely:
a)English: 30  questions.
b) Numerical Ability: 35 questions.
c) Reasoning: 35 questions.
The test will consist of 100 questions, with 1 marks awarded for each correct answer and 0.25 marks deducted for every wrong answer.
Tips for clearing IBPS Clerk Prelims 
1. The most important thing to remember is that marks of clerk prelims will not be added to your overall marks. This means you do not need to be the topper or score maximum marks in clerk prelims. Clearing the prelims is enough. With only a few days left, focus on the following three factors.
a. Time management- It is concerned with how do you attempt the question paper to ensure you do not miss any questions. How to divide the time among sections and in what order questions should be attempted?
b. Accuracy- As evident by IBPS PO Mains analysis , it is making sure that you minimise the number of wrong answers and negative marking, so that marks per question gets maximized
c. Speed- How to improve the speed to attempt questions faster? How to do quick calculations? How to increase reading speed?
Time Management
2. Manage your time in such a way that you are able to go through all the questions at least once in the exam. The reason behind it is there are many questions which are deliberately designed to be complex and end up grabbing the lion’s share of time. A good time management strategy helps you identify questions which are easier and hence, can be solved in less time.
3. For the perfect time management strategy we got in touch with candidates who cleared last year’s examination and came to the following conclusion
a) Go for the English section first. It takes minimum time and you should be able to complete it in 10-15 minutes max. section takes minimum time. You should be able to attempt it in about 10-15 minutes.
b) With English done in the first 10-15 minutes, you need to divide the next 45-50 minutes depending upon your subject preference. If you are good in Quant, allot more time to it and vice versa. The ideal time to attempt Quant and Reasoning section is 20-25 minutes.
c) So the order of attempt should be- English –  section you are confident of– then the section you are most scared of.
4. In individual sections,  attempt the questions in the following order: first the questions you know and can solve quickly, then the questions you think you can do but are time consuming. Remember never try and waste your time attempting the questions you are not confident of solving. There are a lot of other questions to solve and score. Your aim is to clear the paper, not top it.  You can attempt the questions in two phases –  in first phase attempt the questions which are easy and take less time to solve. In the second phase(if time permits) attempt questions which are hard. This way you will be able to clear sectional cutoffs and get a high score.
5. In English, only guess if you are at least 40-50% sure of the answer, i.e. you will be able to eliminate 2-3 options.
  • Focus on topics like Reading Comprehension, Cloze TestParajumbles .(click on topic to see tips and tricks)
  • Start with comprehension. This may take 5 minutes but has the highest accuracy. This will help you clear the sectional cutoff for English comfortably.
  • Attempt cloze test and parajumbles next to increase your overall score.
  • English section is the highest scoring section of IBPS Clerk Prelims.
6. For Quantitative Aptitude, there is no scope for guessing. Your aim is to have 100% accuracy. Attending less questions with higher accuracy is more rewarding than attempting more questions with less accuracy. Double check your solutions and be extremely conscious. Prepare the following topics for Quantitative Aptitude section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015. (Click on the topic to see concepts, tips tricks, video solutions and attempt quizzes)
7. Logical reasoning:  This section also requires 100% accuracy. Do not blindly try to solve all the questions and aim for the highest marks. Instead attempt questions from the following topics:
8. Although speed matters a lot, it can sometimes come at the cost of accuracy. Generally the following type of questions require speed.
a) Reading Comprehension: You can consider reading the questions first before reading the passage. This way, while reading the passage itself, you will be able to mark the answers and all questions will be done in only one reading of the passage.
b) Data interpretation- If the answers are numbers not close to each other, then you do not need to do accurate calculations. You can round off the numbers and do approximate calculations and mark the answer closest to the answer you calculated
c) Long calculations- You can work on speed mathematics. Memorize Tables till 20, squares till 30 and cubes till 15.
Click here for Speed Reading Tips and Tricks .
Mock Tests and Mentorships
9. In the last 15 days, attempt atleast 1 mock test daily with honesty for 1 hour duration. Appearing for mock tests help you gauge your preparation levels and help you improve upon them, if necessary.
10. Online mock tests simulate the official online exam scenario, enabling you to experience the exam in real time and get acquainted about navigation in the exam application. After attempting online mock test, you can evaluate your performance and identify which questions took the maximum time and avoid taking them in IBPS Clerk Prelims exam. You can also see your response vs the correct response and detailed solutions in the mock test. Follow this up with a mentorship call with expert to help address the critical lacunae in your preparation.

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