How can a developing nation become a superpower of the world?

The term" superpower " was almost innovated after the 2nd world war. Meaning the most powerful (nuclear) and influential nations. The pioneer being the USA and former USSR.
But does this term mean exactly the same and holds same significant today?
Maybe not.

In today's time, a superpower does not only need nuclear power and a standing army.
With the concepts of Sustainable development Goals and Millennium Development Goals coming in and countries being more and more citizen-centric, the current definition of the superpower has widened drastically.

With having the best HDI, least domestic conflicts, having best economic services, flourishing trade and having cordial relations with all other countries seem to be the present norm for being a superpower.

India coming from a hindurate of Growth to 8% GDP and leaving behind most of its competitors seems to be heading in the right direction and at the right pace.
Seeing this, the hopes r high that we'll soon be a superpower.

Development, Child Development, Organizational development, Professional Development, the goals of sustainable development. 

Yes, our integrated efforts will make it.
Superpower India will be unique example. A country can shine like Superpower, basically when it consistently pursue the united goals, socially, economically and stable politics. Our democracy and demographic dividend is our source of strength. The commitment people of India has shown to the world since 7 decades is actual truth.

How can a developing nation like India be a superpower of the world?

1. Socially- Superpowers is not only industrial complexes, pubs and elite lifestyle. But, its inclusive. Always, in touch with its roots. Including, Embracing change over period of time. The challenges like radicalization, youth joining terrorism, old social practices and social discrimination are cause of concern , however India is capable of fighting it and keeping itself secure.

2. Economically- NO doubt about this. We are living in time when India is growing fastest in world. Nevertheless, fruits of development must have to reach every citizen of country. Competitive and cooperative federalism are harbingers of development process in India.

3. Politically- Since independence, we are largest democratic nation. That shows faith of citizens in cherishing democratic values. Moreover, recent trend of past elections has shown that public clearly votes for one side in choosing govt without giving a hung-assembly or parliament.

4. Strategically- Despite , strong intelligence and military capabilities , India has not shown any "military interest" in smaller or unstable nations. The policy of non-intervention in other countries internal affairs is India's principle stand. Thus, a superpower can also be nation who protects its land without interfering others .

Thus, with our commitment to consistently act on process of inclusive development, with coordination between state and citizens in complete geographical boundaries(including NRIs) , a superpower capabilities can be achieved. A superpower is not born , it is build by the people of nation.