2016, RBI Grade B Officer phase 1 questions with solution GK+Quant+English+Reasoning

Try to relax properly before going to bed. This will help you relax your mind as well as let you absorb all the positive energy. Don't ever let any negative thought. post questions in comments for real and updated details as this was the online exam all questions are not available exactly how it came in the examination. But we tried our best to cover each and every detail of questions asked in the RBI Grade B phase 1 online examination and its desired solution.

Expected date of RBI Online Exam Result is 30 Nov 2015. 

In the Phase I Examination, there are 200 questions comprises of 4 sections which include Mathematics, Reasoning, English, and GA.

Out of the 4 sections of RBI grade b officer phase 1 online exam, the most difficult section was Quant & the most scoring section was General Awareness section.

If you given this RBI Grade B Phase 1 online exam then share the following (as much as you can remember) -
How was your RBI Grade B Online exam?
What was the difficulty level of Phase -1 RBI Officer exam?
What is your attempt in RBI Grade B officer exam?
How was the Quant section?
What was asked in Reasoning section?
Was English time-taking?
Which portion you find easy and most difficult one?
Any questions you remember from GK Section?

Ramakant Narang Shared his RBI Exam experienced 
2 shift.. 132 attempted.. 22 eng.. qunt 15.. reasoning 36.. ga 59..
qunt was tough bit of lengthy sums 2 di (1 pie chart and 1 missing di) and 1 caselet ..5 number series.. no ds were ther in m shift.. 
english passage was again lengthy 10 marks.. 10marks cloze test.. 5 para jumble.. 5 errors..

reasoning 36.. dnt know total number of puzzle but I attempted only 3(floor amgnt with their favt show, linear agmnt with their organisation, 1 new ranking type with their seniority.. inequalities.. syllogism..course of action and cause and effect (find inappropriate option that does nt follow)... seating agmt in out with their relation..ds lengthy one..
that's all i remember.. .. all the best..

I just want to place this on record for posterity. There are no test series which will prepare you for RBI Grade B, especially Quant and to some extent LR. Every time RBI notches the level up compared to previous year.

A comment by a veteran who already working  in RBI - Mumbai. 

RBI Phase 1 Morning shift General knowledge Question with solutions 

  1. Nation Pension Scheme age limit - 18 to 60 years
  2. Neeranchal National Watershed Project is for - Irrigation
  3. Who is Bidhya Devi Bhandari? - Current President of Nepal
  4. Kaziranga National Park is located at - Assam
  5. G4 Countries - Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan
  6. 2022 Asian Game venue - Hangzhou, China
  7. FFI - Funds for Institutes
  8. Currency of Tajikistan - Tajikistani somoni
  9. Capital of Jharkhand - Ranchi
  10. Kerala annual festival - Onam
  11. International indigenous games venue - Brazil
  12. Marlon James authored book titled - A Brief History of Seven Killings
  13. Deepika Kumari associated with - Archery
  14. Tehri Dam located in - Uttarakhand
  15. IBRD gives loan to - Developing Countries
  16. Prathama Bank was sponsored by - Syndicate Bank
  17. Forward Market Commission merged with SEBI - Rs. 5,000 Crore
  18. In RTGS, R stands for - Real
  19. In EMI, E stands for – Equated
  20. Mudra Bank was launched to help - To fund small businesses
Evening Shift RBI grade b phase 1 online exam GK Questions:

  1. Sunderban wildlife sanctuary - West Bengal
  2. Noble Prize for Economics - Angus Deaton
  3. RBI Note Printing?
  4. PM Modi inaugurated which state's capital  - Andhra Pradesh
  5. India's green airport - Cochin
  6. Rajnath inaugurate police academy - Hyderabad
  7. Good Governance Day - 25 December
  8. Shishu Loan by Mudra - Rs. 50,000
  9. Capital of Chhattisgarh? - 
  10. Greenfield Airport? - 
  11. germany capital --- berlin
  12. SIFI   s is for systematic
  13. IDF    F is for fund
  14. Talking ATM    for differently abled people ( blind)
  15. Inherritance of loss -- Kiran Desai
  16. jharkhand capital --- Raipur
  17. Bruj mohanmunjal --- hero moto cop
  18. Indo japan  nUS  ex Malabar
  19. abenomics --- Japan PM
  20. Amer fort --- Jaipur
  21. new capital amravati in AP  inauration by Mr modi
  22. INS cochi built at Mazgaon Dock
  23. hockey captain  Ritu rani
  24. Pak  investment fromRUSSIA
  25. Financial stability  report  by RBI
  26. fin Min cum RBI Gov   Mr C D Deshmukh
  27. Reliance comm took over MTS
  28. M pesa --- vodaone + ICICI
  29. Intelectul propoerty right HQ  - Geneva
  30. ADB hq in Manila
  31. Senior citizen schme --  9.3%
  32. gold BOND --MAX 500 GM
  33. shichayi yogna --- irrigation 
  34. nai manzil for  Minority youth
  35. rajiv gandhi airport -- hydeabaad
  36. Economics noble  - Augus Deaton
  37. abhishek verma -- archery
  38. PMJBY-- 330 rs
  39. Tax abolished -- wealth tax
  40. Samvidhan divas  ---26 nov
  41. bank account -- CASA
  42. Bank rate decided by =-- Board of directors
  43. min loan rate-- base rate
  44. Four mints in india   ????
  45. shadow banking  not working under the purview of RBI
  46. payment bank funtion   ????
  47. call money   . day to day money needed by banks
  48. mutual fund managers permitted by AMFI
  49. deflation ;; price diiping
  50. Union bank of India HQ  -- mumbai
  51. Sundar ban-- west bengal
  52. Indira asagar in MP on Narmada river
  53. Fastest stock exchange??
  54. HSBC installed 1st ATM
  55. Jeevan PRmaan;;  life certificate 
  56. ADOF;;; by Aditya Birla group
  57. Hriday''' heritage sites 
  58. Karnataka old name -  State of mysore

RBI Grade B Quantative aptitude Question

Find the wrong one in the following series;

  1. 7,28,63,124,215,342,511
  2. 85,78,65,43,56,30
  3. 7, 8, 18, 57, 228, 1165, 6996

Expected cutoff for RBI Phase B phase 1 officer online exam is its purely on reference to few people no exact figure. If you done your best be positive you must clear RBI grade b officer.