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top 10 IBPS interview questions with solutions

 Communicating in an interview should be easy as we love to talk about ourselves. However, nervousness gets in the way. You can help yourself to overcome your nervousness by practising your answers to likely questions in a mock interview with a friend.
If you know just what to say, how to sit , you will feel confident.

An interview is your opportunity to talk about yourself.

Try to concentrate on what you are being asked, rather than on how nervous or uncertain you feel.

If you don't understand the question ask interviewer to rephrase it. This is the  better option than talking off the point.

In bank po interview certain questions are guaranteed to come up.
Practice answering these questions so that you will appear confident and in control when you are faced with them during an interview.

Why do you want this bank po officer job?
This is where you will stress the area where you think you provide a match for the job. Talk about your skills which suits the job rather than what the job is going to give you.

Why do you want to work for bank?
Do your research so that you can talk about the organization dynamics, reputation, management style and good record.

What qualities do you think the job of bank officer requires?in
Draw attention to your strength s by listing the skills you can bring to the job.

What can you contribute to bank?
Give a example of something that shows how good you are, and say how the organization could benefit from this talent.

What are your weak points?
This is difficult question but you should never answer that you have none. Think about a weakness that you have overdone and turn the question around to show that you have a self awareness, capacity and will to improve it.

No matter how casual the organization, your appearance will be scrutinized. Dress appropriately and show that you have made an effort.

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