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APFC in EPFO 2016 Complete Solved Question Paper Previous Year

Here you get all solved list of questions asked in last year AFPC online objective exam shared via candidates with its solutions.

LHC , CERN : France & switzerland

gvrmnt ownership in public sector undertaking is diluted, it is called disinvestment.

Malimath committee : reforms in criminal justice system

PM if member of RS : he will not votes in no confince motion

SPM : suspended particulate matter
International treaties : without the consent of state
Dr. S Radhakrishnan : USSR Ambasodor 

IMF wala : India quota is less than 4%
so B option : 1,3 & 4

Ayodhya on the bank of which river? - Saryu

Total no of States and UT in India. - 29 & 7.

Q.1 Which of the following statements defines the density of population?

(a) Number of persons living per unit area
(b) Absolute numbers added every year
(c) Change in the number of inhabitants of a country during a specific period of time
(d) Number of persons living in a country

Q.2. What is international migration?

(а) Movement of people within the country
(b) Movement of people from urban to urban areas
(c) Movement of people between/among countries
(d) Movement of people from one village to another

Q.3 All the following statements regarding the Indus Valley civilization are correct, except—

(A) It is difficult to say to which race the people belonged
(B) Iron was not known to the people
(C) The Indus Valley civilization was an advanced urban civilization
(D) The people knew nothing about agriculture

Q.4 On whose satisfaction period of emergency shall be extended for operation in case security of India or any part of the Indian territory is threatened—

(A) President of India
(B) Home Minister
(C) Prime Minister
(D) Vice-President of India

1(a) , 2(c), 3 (d), 4 (a)