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Net Neutrality - Pros and Cons

Net Neutrality is the concept that the companies that provide you with Internet access should not shape the way you use the Internet.

Net neutrality means that all internet traffic is treated as same irrespective of where it comes and goes.

Without net neutrality, companies could pay broadband providers to give them a better speed, thus slowing down those who can't pay.

It can also go the other way, charging the users for greater speeds, not actually providing faster internet for rich people, but just slower internet for poor people...

Net neutrality is very important.

In simple terms

  • Its analogous to a secular and democratic society in internet domain.  if there is no net neutrality,
  • You will be charged 50 bucks to ask this question and i should pay 100 bucks to get an upvote for my answer
  • We will be able to access facebook in seconds and It will take hours to load a wiki page on the day before exams
  • Flipkart will become your only shopping site and all other new entrants will be suppressed . No more discounts. customer will be a slave, not the king.