What is nomination process for SSC CGL? Complete details


Formal procedure of sponsoring the names of successful candidates to the respective user departments or ministries under GOI.

Done by:
Various regional offices of SSC

When : 
After selection , i.e., after publication of final result.

Generally 2 - 5 months depending on regional offices and No of candidates. But nothing to worry if it takes longer time.


SSC prepares a dossier of each successful individual. The dossier includes the candidate's all required documents like the application form, Admission certificates of TIer-1 and 2, Educational certificates, Age proof, caste certificate, relaxation certificate if any etc. SSC maintains separate files for each candidate. 

During Nomination every minute details of his/her candidature is thoroughly scrutinized. 

All the signatures, LTIs and handwriting are reconciled with utmost care and any marked deviation calls for candidates' presence before SSC to explain why the difference is. 

But this is just to confirm that only genuine and eligible candidates are there. So no worries for true candidates. 

Till date no genuine candidate has been denied the job by SSC. After the process is over SSC sends the files to the departments which in turn issue offer letter. 

So in a nutshell Nomination acts as a sieving process to wipe out any discrepancies which might have taken place during tier 1 and 2. 
You know what I mean.


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